Tourist Activities in Dubai

Top 3 Tourist Activities in Dubai in 2022

If you haven’t been to Dubai, you haven’t seen anything. Dubai, in its self, is a small world. It has everything. You name it, and Dubai has it. It feels like it is created not by humans but by the genie in Dubai. Dubai has all the fantastic stuff a city can have, and it has the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest dancing fountain, the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the world’s deepest pool, the world’s largest climbing wall, and the list goes on and on. So, everything excellent is present in that city.

Dubai attracts millions of tourists every year because of its extraordinary tourist attraction. You can plan your trip for 2022 to Dubai to enjoy the excitement of this city. There are also several events coming up this year in Dubai, and you can visit and be a part of those events. It will be like a bonus.

Dubai has a lot of exciting places and activities, but some of them surpass the others. Some of them are world-famous, like the bird view from the top of Burj Khalifa, but we are here with activities that most people don’t know about. We are here to tell you about Dubai’s exciting tourists activities. So, ere are the top 3 tourist activities that you can do in Dubai.

Desert Safari:

Enjoy the red desert of Dubai with all of its glory on a desert safari. Jungle safari is all excitement but waits till you go on Dubai desert safari, you will forget the jungle. Desert safari in Dubai is one of the main tourist attractions. People enjoy riding on the camels, cruising through the dunes, and dancing.

You can book a desert safari in Dubai online, or you can find a local office and book your trip to the desert. You can book private rides and also go with the other tourists. Both have their fun. Different prices are charged for each kind of trip, so you can adjust according to your budget because Dubai sometimes gets expensive. So, enjoy your Dubai desert safari on your way.

On desert safari, you can enjoy the ride on 4×4, a guide will drive for you, and you can also take pictures and capture your moments there. ATV ride on sand is a fun activity that you can do on your safari trip to the red desert. The sunset in the desert is a sight to see. The sun hiding in the ocean of sand is impressive to watch.

Eating traditional cuisine in the heart of the desert has its charms. So, You can enjoy your lunch and dinner in the middle of the desert. You can enjoy your food anywhere in the desert, but littering is highly prohibited and can be a legal problem.

Traditional food with traditional music and dance can be a sigh of relief after a day full of adventure. You can enjoy belly dancing and Tanura dancing show along with the fire show. It’s all part of the exciting desert safari in Dubai.

Desert safari Dubai can become a problem if you hire unprofessional, so always look for the best guides to hire. Hire only professional and certified companies for your trip. It can increase the fun by hundred times.

The Global Village:

When we call Dubai a world in itself, there are several reasons behind it. The Global Village in Dubai gives a new meaning to our claim, and the city has the world’s largest cultural tourism project. The Global village displays the culture and traditions of more than 90 countries. It is a fantastic place to visit, and it is like a miniature world.

If you visit there this January, you can have the time of your life. The world festival has unique events and shows that will make your visit to The Global Village unforgettable. In January and throughout the year, the place brings excitement and joy for the tourists.

You can also enjoy several kinds of events in the global village, where you can listen to the traditional music of other countries, watch their dancer and much more. These events give you an insight into their culture and their lives.

The Global Village represents the artifacts or arts and has food from countries around the world. If you are a food lover or want to taste food from all over the world, this is a place to be. You can enjoy the cuisines of several countries in the Global Village.

A visit to the Global Village is like a world tour. So, you can enjoy the culture and traditions of the whole world in just a single trip to Dubai, isn’t this amazing. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you must visit this fantastic tourist attraction or regret it afterward.

Yacht Cruise Dubai:

A yacht cruise is an amazing experience that you can have in Dubai. You can book a yacht for yourself and your family through yacht rental Dubai. Several yacht rentals companies work in Dubai. You can book one online or visit in person to book a yacht for a cruise.

Yacht rental Dubai provides yachts in several sizes; yachts are available for 5 to 500 people. You can easily book yachts that suit you better. The companies provide a crew that helps you through your trip. Most yachts services are available near Palm Island or Mariana.

A yacht cruise is a fantastic spot for a party. If you are getting married and want a bachelor’s party, what can be a better place than a yacht. You can also enjoy your birthday party with your friends on a Yacht cruise.

A romantic dinner date on a yacht with the love of your life can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will make your trip to Dubai a memorable trip.

On a yacht cruise near Mariana and Palm island, you can watch the fantastic work of humans. A marvel of architecture and engineering. An incredible creation of the human mind. The incredible sunset scenery on a yacht cruise with the city of lights in the background. It is a must-see sight in Dubai.

If you visit Dubai with your friends or family, you must have this wonderful yacht experience here. It will be something worth doing. The yacht cruise is the best tourist activity, but it can all go south if you don’t hire a certified professional crew. Always book your yacht only from the certified yacht rentals.


Dubai is a place of wonders, and people worldwide want to visit this wonder of the world. There are some attractions that most people know about, but some tourist’s activities are not that famous, but they pack all the fun. We mentioned above the top 3 tourist activities you can enjoy in Dubai.

Cruising in the sand the cruise on a yacht is both fun activities. You will fall in love with the ocean and the ocean of sand. A visit to the Global Village is the same as a world tour so that you can enjoy the whole world’s culture in a single trip to Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Dubai this year and have fun?

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