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Top Cement Tile Trends & Styles For 2021

You wish to make every corner of your home and the exterior space look glamorous. Isn’t it? The tiles you install while constructing or restyling your home play a vital role in deriving the style statement you want to project. Cement tiles are trending today despite their old-school kind of appeal. Have you thought of the possible styling elements you can attain installing a wide variety of cement tiles? If not, this article is for you.

Cement tiles are handmade using a hydraulic press and do not undergo any firing process. Yet, they are highly durable and water-resistant. So, you can utilize them inside your bathrooms and pools in the exteriors. Cement tiles in deco patterns are trending today. Shop for a wide range of cement tiles on a reputed online shopping portal. You can select cement tiles as per your preferences.

Cement tiles are suitable for interior walls, flooring, exterior walls, flooring, and countertops. Thus, this tile material has that versatility of applications. You can see both classic style floral designs, some varieties taking the appearance closer to Mediterranean architecture, and modern style designs.

Let us take a glance at the emerging cement tile trends in 2021 and styles available in this tile material:

Make Your Exteriors and Pool Decks Look Truly Classic

Do you have a swimming pool in the backyards or in front of your entrance? It reflects your lifestyle and taste. Cement tiles help you to add a classic style touch to your overall exterior setup, including the pool deck, walkways, other water bodies such as fountains, and so on.


It is important to note that cement tiles are porous. So, they are not ideal to be installed inside your swimming pools. They cannot sustain underwater for a long time. Yet, you can install them outside your pools.

The cement tiles carry a neutral yet attractive color pallet, including white, gray, khaki, green, blue, and black. These colors melt with the environment and the other exterior elements perfectly. Thus, you can create harmony by choosing the suitable cement tiles to install for your swimming pool, waterline tiles, exterior flooring, walkways, and more.

Cement Tiles for Attractive Flooring

Cement tiles have many features that make them ideal for flooring installations. Many cement tile varieties are available in adequate thickness to sustain moderate to high foot traffic. Cement tiles in a matte finish and a rough texture have anti-slip properties too.

Install cement tiles for flooring in various parts of your home, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, and more. They create a warm feeling through the colors and designs on them.

However, as mentioned earlier,  cement tiles are porous. Water may pass through them to the tile bottom, deteriorating the durability of your installation. Hence, cement tiles are not suitable in wet areas. So, avoid installing cement tiles inside your swimming pools and for bathroom flooring.


8X8 Khaki White Floral Matte

Cement Tile

Usually, cement tiles are available in large 6X6 or 8X8 sizes. The uniform square pattern spread all across your flooring adds spice to the aesthetic appeal. To restyle any room, choose suitable cement tiles from classic or modern styles.

The tiles should complement your wall colors, furnishing, equipment, countertops, and storage cabinets. Match the colors of these elements with your cement tiles and experience an exciting feel in any space.

Modernize Your Bathrooms Installing Modern-Style Cement Tiles

To take up the heat of the hectic work schedule or to attend a party in the evening, your bathroom is the place where you groom yourself. Thus, your bathroom has its value in your routine. If you wish to restyle your bathroom, modern-style cement tiles can help you be creative.


8X8 Peach White Four Leaf Floral  Matte Cement Tile

Installing modern -cement tiles on your bathroom walls could be a great idea. By choosing the right color and design, you can attain that much-needed cool yet vibrant appearance in your bathrooms. The image shows an implementation of cement tiles.

Here, cement tiles protect the wall adjacent to your bathtub from splashes of water and soap. At the same time, they create an accent wall within your bathroom that enhances the overall personality.

The Takeaway

The article showcases some cement tile trends in 2021 and discusses cement tile styles too. If you think that cement tiles are out of fashion in the modern era, we hope the discussion would inspire you to change your mind.

For an in-depth analysis of cement tiles, refer to this detailed. Shop for cement tiles today for your home remodeling projects and make your homes worth being noticed and appreciated by your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and guests.

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