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Top Wheelchair Accessories you need to know about

Experiencing life from a wheelchair can be a challenging task in itself. And that is why the more comfortable the ride is, the better this experience gets. For those who experience life from the cushions, this comfort greatly depends on the choice of wheelchair and the accessories accompanied with it.

With new developments in technology, wheelchair models and accessories are advancing every day. Scoot  offers varied new and innovative wheelchair accessories. Read the full blog to know more about them.

Top Wheelchair Accessories you Must Know

Here are 15 most advantageous wheelchair accessories that you must know about if you are a wheelchair user:

1. Grade Aids

Grade aids are very useful accessories for a manual wheelchair. These are equipment attached to the wheel locks and help in preventing the wheelchair from rolling in the backward direction. This comes in handy to users while climbing inclined slopes or ramps. Users using a manual wheelchair usually face the problem of backward rolling on slopes due to a lack of brakes. This can increase their dependency on others. The grade aids help in stopping the wheelchair from rolling backwards while the user propels up a slope.

2. Accu-grips

These are specially designed large, yellow brake covers that help users easily find the wheel locks and grab hold of them when in need. These are especially useful to users who are visually impaired or have neurological issues in their hands.

3. Ride-along Platforms

These are specially built platforms for friends, family and caregivers of the users of electric or motorized wheelchairs. This platform allows them to ride along with the wheelchair user to spend more time with them. Some of these platforms can hold up to 300 lbs of weight without adding additional weight to the wheelchair.

4. Customized Cushion and Armrest Covers

You can add a bit of colour and style to your wheelchair with customized cushions and armrest covers. You can create your own design or take inspiration from others. These covers will also help you keep your seat cushion stain-free and armrests more comfortable.

5. Memory foam Cushions

Memory foam Cushions for wheelchairs are best for a comfortable seat experience while maintaining a good posture. Memory foam adjusts itself as per the user’s body figure and helps provide the appropriate amount of support. This helps in eliminating fatigue from hours of sitting.

6. Light-up Casters

These are cool, light emitting wheel casters for your wheelchairs. These casters glow when the wheels move and add flare to your wheelchair. These also make it easy to identify the vehicle in the dark.

7. Wheelchair Wagon

In order to carry huge loads along with your wheelchair, a wheelchair wagon can come pretty handy. It can help you pull larger loads like luggage during holidays or shopping bags at malls making it easy to carry stuff without external help. These wagons are detachable and can be added and removed from the back of the vehicle as per requirement.

8. Wheelchair Slippers

These are nothing but wheel covers for your wheelchair. Since you would be using your wheelchair to go to any type of place and that will bring along dirt back at home, it is better safe to prepare for hygiene. Use wheel slippers to protect your wheels from all such stuff.

9. Wheelchair Carrying Case

In order to carry your wheelchair,  you will need a wheelchair carrying cover. You can purchase a ready cover or get something tailor-made. Ensure that the cover fits the size of the wheelchair. The cover will not only ease your travel with a wheelchair but also provide greater protection to it.

10. Work Trays

Life in a wheelchair doesn’t restrict you from working. And for people who love working, a workspace attached to their wheelchair can be a great accessory. These flexible work trays can be attached to your wheelchair and be of great use on a day to day basis.

11. Cup Holder

Cup Holder may seem to be an insignificant accessory to invest in. But, cup holders do much more than just hold cups and bottles. When you spend a great amount of your day in a wheelchair, cup holders can come really handy. These can be used to store medication so that you don’t need to search for them in a bag. You can use them to stash anything and everything to keep your hands free. However,  keep in mind to go for a cup holder that has a secure mount for stability and a lid on top to avoid spills.

12. Pelvic Belts

Pelvic belts for wheelchairs help to protect and secure the pelvic of the user. This helps to provide support and stability to the wheelchair user while increasing their strength to operate the vehicle. It also helps in keeping the spine safe.

13. Leg Huggers

These can be attached to the leg bards on the wheelchair to provide for extra padding. This helps in securing the user’s feet from slipping off the wheelchair or worst getting tangled in the footrest. For users having lost complete control of their legs, leg huggers can help in maintaining their legs’ original position.

14. Wheelchair Organizers

These useful accessories help in keeping everything you want to carry with you in a wheelchair, within your arm’s reach. This solves a lot of problems during travel and work. These organizers come with compartments to store your phone, glasses, stationery, keys and even laptop.

15. Push Bars

This is a helpful accessory for all caretakers. Push bars assist in dragging the wheelchair over non-wheelchair-friendly surfaces like uneven roads, muddy ground, ramps, carpets, etc. Push bars are secure and come with a lock provision to maintain the firm connection while dragging and ensure the safety of the rider.


Accessories can help you go a long way on your wheelchair with the comfort of home. These will not only make your life easier but also reduce your dependency on others to lead a comfortable life. Check out what accessories do you need and start using them from today!

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