Transform Your Home With These Versatile Aluminium Window Designs

One of the best ways to make major impact and transform your home is simply changing the style of your aluminium windows and doors. Keep in mind that a well-considered choice will last for years longer than one made at the last minute (or – even worse – a decision made by a party who doesn’t have to live with it, like your builder). A careful decision will save money in the long run, but what sorts of designs should you be looking at?

Pivot Windows

A great way to get that New York loft look without having to leave the localised comfort of Australia, a hidden hinge is located in either the top, bottom or even the middle of an aluminium window. They look fantastic in black, although other colours are available. Due to their simplicity, they are also easy to use and maintain.

Cantilevered Sliders

This is a great option if you want that wall of glass to disappear whenever your door or window is open – but you have to have the space to make it work. For that real one-of-a-kind look that will have every visitor saying ‘wow’, extend the slider past the boundaries of your walls.

Sliding Doors

Did you know that it’s possible for the glass panels used in these aluminium doors to slide around corners? This can really help to open your home up to the great outdoors, helping to better marry your indoor and outdoor spaces together. This sort of design feature will add real wow value to your property.

Cavity Glass Sliders

Although glass can be quite a beautiful addition to the home, as it allows you to show off both your indoor and outdoor spaces, sometimes hiding glass can help to open up your home. This is a great option when open plan living is the goal, plus it can promote adequate ventilation in the home.

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass

There is nothing more beautiful than aluminium doors and windows that feature floor-to-ceiling glass. Not only does this help to extend your exterior views (or even your interior ones if you’re outside looking in), it offers a fantastic design aesthetic that is infinitely modern and contemporary.

Oversized Doors

These have been trending for a while now, but there’s no reason you can’t jump on the bandwagon now. Oversized aluminium doors will make a statement like no other, giving your home that real architectural flair that will see it on the cover of magazines should you ever decide to sell up and move on.

Pivot-Hinged Doors

A great first impression when used at the entrance to the home, these aluminium doors usually offer a wider than standard clearance. Not only can this make your home feel even more welcoming, it makes moving furniture and even getting everyone out the door a breeze.

Frosted Glass

This is a design style that might seem a little outdated, but did you know that it’s now possible to electronically frost your glass? Your glass will be completely opaque but at the push of a button it will instantly become frosted, the perfect way to ensure your privacy when you need it.

Recessed Windows

Why not turn that aluminium window reveal into a comfy daybed or a bench seat loaded with storage? Not only does this give the elements of your home dual purpose, it can really add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Create the perfect place to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine.

Transforming your home can actually be quite simple, if you know what you’re doing. The good news is that aluminium windows and doors are the ideal choice for homes of all shapes and sizes – not to mention styles. We hope that the versatile designs we’ve shared above have given you some inspiration of how to proceed. Feel free to get in touch with the Nuline Windows team if you have any questions.

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