Turkey recipes that you can enjoy for the holiday season

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and of course, great food. If you’re looking for some new turkey recipes to try out this year, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss four stuffed turkey recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. These recipes are sure to please everyone at your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

First, try stuffed turkey breast with cranberry and sausage stuffing. This recipe combines the sweetness of cranberries with the savory flavors of sausage for a delicious twist on traditional stuffing. Plus, using turkey breast instead of a whole bird means less cooking time and easier carving at the dinner table.

Next, try stuffed turkey tenderloin with wild rice and mushroom stuffing. This recipe combines the earthy flavors of wild rice and mushrooms for a unique stuffed turkey dish.

Another option is stuffed turkey thighs with cornbread stuffing. The addition of cornbread in this stuffing adds a touch of sweetness to your traditional Thanksgiving dressing. Plus, cooking stuffed turkey thighs instead of a whole bird means less cooking time and easier carving at the dinner table.

Finally, for a different twist on stuffed turkey, try stuffed turkey meatloaf with apple and sage stuffing. The sweetness of apples pairs perfectly with the savory flavors of sage in this stuffed turkey dish. Plus, using ground turkey instead of a whole bird means this recipe is easier to prepare and serves a larger number of people.

No matter which stuffed turkey recipe you choose, these dishes are sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering. Give one (or all!) of them a try this season and enjoy the delicious flavors of stuffed turkey. Happy holidays!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the chaotic energy of 2020 has perhaps never felt more palpable. In the before times, next week would mark the beginning of the traditional holiday season (unless you’re Mariah Carey, who operates on her own private time-space continuum). There’d be mask-free air travel, half-hearted office parties, big family gatherings, and maybe a run-in with an old high school flame who’s now a widowed carpenter selling hand-crafted nutcrackers at the local Christmas bazaar, if you were the protagonist in a Hallmark movie.

This year, things probably “look a little different,” as they’re saying. The annual Macy’s parade will march without a crowd for the first time ever. Due to surging COVID-19 cases across the U.S., the CDC is recommending that people only celebrate Thanksgiving with those in their immediate household, and some states have even restricted the amount of guests people can have in their homes.

Whether or not the size of your typical Thanksgiving meal has been affected, perhaps the vibes have been affected. The holidays are usually a time of heightened emotions, whether it’s joy, melancholy, or a lot of both, and this year we have much to be emotional about. Maybe you’ve been repressing all of your feelings for nine months and all it took was the Celine Dion cover of John Lennon’s “Happy XMas (War Is Over)” to melt you into a puddle of tears in the car.

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