5 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning

Ways to Balance the Temperature Around Your House

Do some parts of your house feel hotter or colder than the other parts? Is it something that you can’t seem to fix by adjusting your AC system? Did you install the best air conditioning Gold Coast has to offer? But unless you know the right way to balance the indoor temperature, random hot or cold spots in your home are inevitable.

To help you get rid of this problem, we have compiled a list of some simple things that you can do to maintain even temperature all around the house.

1.  Ensure the Air Vents Are Clear

Air vents are responsible for maintaining the flow of air inside your house. If they are blocked by something, the indoor temperature may get affected. To avoid this, check all the air vents in your home to identify any blockage.

Often we end up putting a piece of furniture right in front of an air vent, restricting its flow. Other than causing temperature fluctuations, this can even have a damaging effect on the furniture. So, remove any furniture that you may have placed in front of an air vent.

In addition, air vents may also get blocked by dirt or debris, so make sure to clean them regularly. You can also try to partially close some vents to redirect air in a particular portion of the house.

2. Keep the AC Unit’s Fan On

Try keeping your HVAC system fan on at all times. It will allow the conditioned air to circulate the house quickly, reducing the chances of hotter and cooler spots. Of course, you might think that keeping the fan in auto mode might save you money, but it will defeat the purpose of getting an air conditioning system in the first place.

You can also switch on your ceiling fan to help the conditioned airflow to every part of the house more quickly. This will ensure a consistent temperature in every part of the house.

3. Check the Air Ducts

Similar to the air vents, clogged or damaged air ducts can also lead to irregular airflow. Leaks within the ducts mean that your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a balanced temperature in the house. And this may wear out the system faster while also increasing your energy bills. The same is true for dirty ducts that can restrict airflow. Therefore, ensure you hire an expert to conduct proper maintenance regularly.

4. Proper Insulation Can Help

Last but not least, a well-insulated house can help maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. If your home is poorly insulated, the outside air can freely enter the house and alter the temperature. Therefore, it’s best to invest in high-quality insulation to balance your indoor temperature and lower heating and cooling costs.

These were some simple yet effective tips to help you get an even temperature around your house. Following these can prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system and help you reduce your energy bills.

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