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What are the Elements of a Trustworthy Lawyer Site?

If you want your target audience to take your law firm seriously, you must have a website. But this has become common knowledge for more than 20 years. Simply having a web presence does not mean that your target audience will automatically trust you. That means you need more than just a website with your law firm name and logo.

Perhaps you can relate to a time when you opened a particular website only to take a horrified look before you clicked the back button. That’s exactly what your target audience will do unless you design a great platform with the end-user in mind. Indeed, it is important to set up a professional website for your law firm that will attract visitors and have them stick around to find out more about what you offer. You should also implement an outstanding law firm SEO strategy that will help you rank high in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

So, what are the essential elements of a trusted lawyer website?

1. Responsive website design

Responsive web design is all about delivering a website in numerous ways depending on the users’ screen width. What should be added, removed, or prioritized? What are the implications for rankings in SERPs? And how do you achieve all this with a single code base? Generally, it takes an experienced web designer or reputable web design agency to responsively code a great site. Whether you intend to hire a web designer or do it yourself, here are essential responsive web design practices you should keep in mind.

  • Give your CTAs and links large clickable areas
  • Balance font sizes and weights
  • Ensure optimal reading widths
  • Prioritize important information
  • Change the content blocks order, particularly when they collapse in small screens
  • Replace the image enlarge functionality with scrollable gallery pages
  • Optimize UX for various touch screens

Unless you already know how to implement an excellent, responsive web design, it is best to work with an experienced designer. This way, you will roll out a great platform customized for users who prefer accessing web applications using different screen sizes.

2. Domain name

Your website domain name is one of the top ways potential customers will find you. Try to keep it relatively short and easy to remember. The domain name should be your practice name and should not include confusing special characters and numbers.

3. SSL certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts the information that website users enter into your website. That means all forms of data entered like contact information cannot be viewed by an unauthorized party. One way of knowing that your site has an SSL certificate if it has an ‘s’ in its URL.

Other essential elements of a great lawyer website include:

  • Clean copy
  • Reviews & testimonials
  • Limited ads content
  • Contact information
  • Great media such as images, videos, and graphics.

If you intend to create a website for your law firm or optimize your current site, address the elements discussed above.

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