Different Types of Desks

What Are the Many Different Types of Desks That Exist Today?

In a typical week, office workers spend around five hours and 40 minutes sitting at their desks. That’s a long time! And if you aren’t sitting at the right desk, you could be experiencing physical discomfort or a lack of productivity.

Luckily there are tons of types of desks out there nowadays for you to choose from. They are available in all styles, materials, and shapes to motivate you and complement your design aesthetic.

Not sure what is on offer these days and what the best office desk is for you? This guide will give you all the information you need to decide.

Writing Desk

Writing desks are one of the most common types of desks because they are simple in design and versatile.

A writing desk is often minimalist with a large, flat, rectangular surface. Most writing desks don’t have any drawers or shelves though some may have a small, thin drawer underneath. You can browse more writing desks at EverDesk+

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

If you want an affordable office desk that is suitable for the whole family, a writing desk is for you. It is ideal for laptop-based work and homework where you or your children might need to spread out papers and textbooks.

Computer Desk

Computer desks are less popular nowadays. Around 20 years ago, they suited big computers with box screens and offered storage for PC discs and printers. Today, technology is more streamlined so PC users don’t need specialized desks as much.

But they do still exist in a modified form. They have a retractable keyboard and mouse tray and space for a printer/scanner.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

It is not ideal for those who work with lots of papers and books as this desk has little spare surface space. But if you are a PC user with more than one screen and need storage for hardware, it could be perfect.

Corner Desk

A corner desk could be a computer or a writing desk, it is the shape that is special. They often have a stack of three drawers built into the unit and can either be small or in a huge “L” shape.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

Whether a corner desk is best for you depends on the space you have available. If you want to capitalize on limited desk space, choose a corner desk in whatever style you want.

Opt for an “L” shaped corner desk if you need extra surface space and like to use a corkboard or wall chart when working.

Floating Desk

Floating desks are also known as wall-mounted desks because this is exactly what they are. They are desks mounted to the wall to save on essential floor space. These desks often have in-built shelving, too.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

Opt for a floating desk if you have very limited space in a small box room and it is your only option. This type of desk could work in a dorm room or small bedroom if you work from a laptop.

It is not a good idea to overload these desks with weight as they may collapse, so they aren’t great for PC users.

Murphy Bed Desk

Speaking of very little space, a murphy bed with desk is the mother of all space-saving inventions. Murphy beds attach to a wall with a hinge so you can pull them down when needed. The desk folds up on the underside of the bed.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

If you have a small home office space that needs to function as a spare room when guests come to stay, a murphy bed desk is perfect. The desk would be compact and suitable for laptop-based work.

Keep in mind, you might need extra storage for your computer and office supplies when the bed is in use.

Standing Desk

Standing desks are one of the newest types of desks available and are increasing in popularity. They are desks that have adjustable heights so you can stand up or sit down and work behind one.

Standing desks are often writing desks but with this extra feature.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

People who want the option of standing or sitting will love these desks. Even if you are someone that prefers sitting down, you could adjust the height so it is at the right level for healthy posture.

Creative Desk

These are some of the most specialized types of desks, but they are non-negotiable for certain professions. Creative desks are sometimes called “drafting tables” or “artist tables” and they have a wide surface area that tilts upwards.

Most are minimalist and only have one, large surface. But there are some versions available with shelving and drawers underneath.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

If you do a lot of illustration or drawing for your work, choosing a creative desk could help your posture and improve your productivity. You can often adjust the tilt on this type of desk so it is flat. So, you can work from your laptop when not drawing, too.

Credenza Desk

You can combine desks with beds, shelving, and also credenzas. As the name suggests, this desk fits into a sideboard or credenza with lots of cupboards and/or shelves around it.

Who Is This Desk Ideal For?

Some people do not have space for a separate home office and don’t want to work from their bedroom. But they also don’t want to clutter their living room with another piece of furniture by buying a separate desk.

If this sounds like you, the credenza desk is perfect. When not in use, you can tuck your chair underneath and tidy away your paperwork and laptop in a drawer.

Types of Desks for Every Need

Finding the perfect desk for your needs is important. You spend so much time there, having the right one could boost your mood and make you more productive. And now you know what types of desks are out there, you can make an informed decision.

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