How Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Organisation

The business world is buzzing with news of various collaborative platforms. But amongst them, one stands out the most; Microsoft teams. It is one of the fastest-growing Microsoft software and arguably the most promising one too. 

Microsoft Teams is a communication app all set with a list of useful features such as chat function, document storage, online meeting, screen sharing, and much more! Not only this, it’s included free of cost with Microsoft365, a service provided by Cloddy. You can find more about Cloddy IT and its excellent services here. 

Why should I use Microsoft Teams?

As stated earlier, Microsoft Teams is here to revolutionize online meeting apps. It provides a range of communicative services, as stated below:

Teams, Channels, and Chat:

Channels are conversation boards between members that make up a team. Each team can chat with other teams and add to their discussion through a general channel. You can also @ a member to invite them to the chat.

Document Storage: 

Organizing a meeting is no easy task. First, one has to be mindful of a whirlwind of emails and important documents. Which are for reading and which are for presenting? All the rush causes a lot of confusion. You can avoid this by saving your documents in the app by SharePoint. This way, you wouldn’t have to juggle between several apps during a meeting. 

Online Video Calling and Meetings: 

An essential feature for a business meeting is online video calling and meeting. You can communicate with company employees or other business representatives. An online meeting can host up to 10,000 users and possesses features like note-taking, file sharing, etc.

Telephony and Audio Conferencing:

The times of seeking VoIP are behind us. Now you can add a telephony link to assist communication. Moreover, users can also join a meeting via phone without requiring an additional license. 

Integration with Microsoft suites:

Teams consist of everything you need anywhere and everywhere. With Teams, you do not have to move from one program to another to perform different tasks. You do not have to search for various emails and messages either. 

Teams provide you with all tools you need under one platform. All the files that you send are secured in a single place with teams. They are secured in the original chat, Team or channel, or OneNote. 

It also allows you to share your screen with others. Hence, you can collaborate with others even when you are traveling. 

You can make calls from any device. 

Are you traveling? Well, don’t worry, as Teams allows you to make calls from any of your devices. You can use your laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet to make calls. 

Also, you can also take some time off using their quiet time. You can set hours and set your Teams on a do not disturb mode. You also have the option of setting it off or on based on your preference. 


I’m conclusion; teams make it easier for you to collaborate with others. Also, it makes your life easier by organizing everything for you!

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