Rollover Accidents

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Rollover Accidents?

Wondering what the most common causes of rollover accidents are? Here is all you need to know to inform you.

If you are worried about rollover accidents, then learning more about them might help you to process your feelings of fear. Also, it never hurts to have a lawyer on standby so that you are represented even if you have a rollover accident, and you are left unconscious. It never hurts to be prepared and especially so if you are injured and you can’t represent yourself.

Here’s all you need to know about rollover accidents and what causes them.

What’s a Rollover Accident?

We use the term rollover accident to describe any accident where the collision has caused the vehicle to rule over onto its roof. It is still counted as a rollover accident if the vehicle comes to a stop in a normal standing position. The act of rolling over on its roof causes a higher fatality rate than other accidents do. Let’s learn about what causes them next.
There were a reported 38,680 rollover accidents in the USA last year.
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What Are The Common Causes of Rollover Accidents?

There are several things which can contribute to you having a rollover accident and thereby increasing the likelihood that the occupants in your car will be fatally injured. Here are some of the most common causes for rollover traffic accidents that you should avoid.

1 – Going Too Fast

Drivers who are tearing along at high speeds are much more likely to turn over on the roof of the car than those that have accidents at low speeds. The speed and velocity at which your vehicle is moving when it hits an obstacle or goes off road has an impact on how much damage is done to both the car and the people inside it.

2 – Drink and Drugs

If you are impaired in any way, you are far more likely to crash and have a rollover accident. The likelihood of crashing increases exponentially while you are drunk or on drugs. This is why drink and drug driving carry such hefty fines. Remember, you should hire a car accident attorney if you are at fault or if you are not at fault. They will represent your interests either way… Though if you were drink or drug driving, you may be facing jail time.

3 – Tiredness

If you are driving tired you are at greater risk of an accident. Nobody wants to be driving at night when they have had a long day so, if you have to, pull over and have a nap. Drink some strong coffee or open your windows and get some fresh air – anything to avoid an accident.

4 – Bald Tires

Are your tires up to date? What’s their tread depth? If its anything less than about 1.6 mm then you need new tires. The reason for needing new tires is they lose their grip. Lose the grip on the road at the wrong time and you will flip right over.

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