What are the pros and cons of buying smart TV?

From black and white to smart TVs, these appliances have undergone quite a progressive evolution. People use smart TVs to stream videos from streaming platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, etc. However, just like every other appliance, smart TV also comes with various pros and cons.

Pros of smart TVs

  • Access to Live TV 

The primary function of a smart TV is to connect the user with live TV programs and streaming platforms. With a smart TV at home, you are no more required to enjoy your favorite shows or movies on a small screen. Moreover, a smart TV comes with various free channels and major streaming applications that come as icing on the cake. All the user is required to have a subscription to the streaming platforms and enjoy their favorite channels.

  • Ergonomic design

One of the main advantages of buying a smart TV is its ergonomic design. Smart TVs are designed to fit in any space. The slim and convenient design of the smart TVs allows the users to set up the smart TV anywhere they want without much hassle. Moreover, it even allows the users to change their place without worrying about hassling with too many wires. The Panasonic TV is one such smart TV that comes with an ergonomic design.

  • Enables the user to de-clutter their space

A regular TV requires an additional set-up box and various other accessories to complete their television set. However, a smart TV needs a proper connection to your smartphone or WiFi router and access to live streaming platforms. In short, a smart TV allows users to de-clutter their space of entertainment.

  • Enjoy speedy OS

Smart TVs come with various pre-installed operating platforms that offer an interactive interface to the users. This implies that the users have ease of usage with the smart TVs. The hassle-free interface enables others to easily switch between applications or channels or even change the grid design.

Cons of buying a smart TV

  • Expensive

One of the major disadvantages associated with smart TVs is the price range. Unlike regular television, smart TVs are heavy on the budget. It is quite difficult to get a smart TV that comes within an affordable price range.

  • Crashing issue

Smart TVs can crash or freeze just like computers since it is attached with too many connectors. Moreover, smart TVs install and program various applications that often result in malfunctioning or crashing issues.

  • Security and privacy issues

When considering a smart TV,  security and privacy issues are a huge matter of concern. Since smart TVs must be connected to the internet, it becomes vulnerable to various cyber issues. Moreover, many smart TVs even have installed webcams that can invade one’s privacy in cases of any breach. Additionally, there exists a great possibility wherein the third parties can gain access to the user’s personal information and misuse it.

  • Inefficient interface

Smart usability requires an innovative and effective interface. However, this is not the case with a smart TV. Smart TVs function on various technicalities and specifications. Moreover, it also involves the installation of multiple applications. The involvement of a complex structure often leads to an ineffective interface.

Smart TVs come with their own set of pros and cons that account for their market position. The Panasonic TV is one of the most preferred choices of customers in smart TVs because of the design and easy interface.

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