Warped and Deteriorated Floors

What Happens If Water Damage Is Left Untreated

Water damage can cause expensive problems if it’s left untreated. That’s why it’s so important to act quickly if you notice any issues, like flooding or a leaking pipe. here are the effects of untreated water damage

Warped and Deteriorated Floors

If you see signs of water damage, it’s essential to get to the source ASAP. Warped and deteriorated floors are a big reason why—they can cause structural damage, compromise your home’s safety (hello, trip hazard), and cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

Floors that are warped or deteriorated can indicate even more serious issues lurking beneath the surface, like mold growth. Because wood is porous, it absorbs moisture from its environment and reacts by expanding when it gets wet and contracting when it dries out again.

Mold and Mildew

If the water damage isn’t taken care of, mold and mildew growth will rear its unsettling head. Mold can cause serious health problems, especially if not detected early on. It can also be costly to get rid of, as it’s difficult to eradicate once it has established a foothold. incase they grow; it is recommended to source a residential clean up service.

Corroded Metal

Rusting is a chemical process that occurs when metal reacts with oxygen, moisture, and other elements. Rust has a reddish color and, if left unchecked, can eat away at the metal until it becomes weak enough to bend. It’s only a matter of time before your property suffers costly damage as the structure begins to weaken. Corrosion accounts for billions of dollars in losses each year, according to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

Rotting Wood

Wood is a natural material, and it can rot. When wood undergoes extreme water damage or mold growth, the wood may become weak and brittle or even fall apart.

Wood that is left untreated after undergoing extreme water damage may decay to the point where it can no longer structurally support the weight of a building. Wood is more likely to suffer from rotting in moist conditions, so leaving water damage untreated could worsen this issue over time.

Further Damage

If left unattended, water damage only gets worse. It can cause additional problems and cost you quite a lot of it isn’t treated quickly. The longer that water stands in your home or property, the more damage it will do.

Dealing with structural damage is very expensive and repairing damaged foundations to prevent future problems is even more costly. This can lower the value of your property if you decide to sell it down the line.

Additional Health Risks

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew spores enter the air you breathe and cause dangerous health problems. We recommend consulting a doctor about mold and mildew exposure if anyone in your home has a severe and chronic illness.

Bacteria and Viruses

The flushing of toilets can contaminate nearby food preparation surfaces, like kitchen counters. For this reason alone, we urge you to treat any standing water in your home as if it’s contaminated with bacteria. However, besides bacteria, there are other contaminants to worry about, including household chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine cleaners that can be harmful if inhaled.

Dust mite allergens

When water damage occurs inside your home and allows mold to grow, it increases the number of dust mites living on surfaces inside your house. This creates an environment where people who are allergic to dust mites may experience symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. Allergens from dust mites may also cause skin rashes or hives.

Fungal Allergens

Researchers have found that fungi often thrive on wood surfaces that have been exposed to water damage. If you’re allergic to fungi spores, you should take extra precautions by calling a professional who specializes in treating water-damaged homes so they can advise you on the next steps before letting anyone into the building again.

Water damage affects your home and your health

It’s easy to ignore the problems caused by water damage after a flood. The damage is done, and it seems like the water is gone. But it’s essential to keep in mind that water damage doesn’t just go away. There are hidden dangers related to water damage that you may overlook immediately but can affect your home and health if left untreated.

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