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10 Best Hollywood Movies of All Time

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Here are the top 10 Hollywood movies of all time

  • The Shawshank Redemption

IMDb – 9.2

The movie follows the life of two men, rather two prisoners who talk and bond between themselves over the number of years that they have left in the prison. With the friendship in place, they find solace in their life and try to get redemption over the acts of decency to lead a life of comfort.

  • The Godfather

IMDb – 9.1

Although a pretty old movie from the 70s, the storyline makes it a worthy choice. The movie follows the prospect of an organized crime dynasty that transfers the control over in the hands of his reluctant son. Story ensues from there.

  • The Dark Knight

IMDb – 9.0

You can’t go wrong with Batman. The story follows Joker, who tries to wreak havoc on the city of Gotham. It is then that Batman enters the scene, invading his biggest psychological and physical tests to beat his opponent and protect the city from further destruction.

  • 12 Angry Men

IMDb – 9.0

Although a movie from the 1950s, 12 Angry Men is one of those legacy movies that will never get old. The movie follows the prospect of possible misconduct of a hearing by a jury. However, the jury consistently tries to prevent the miscarriage of justice by persuading his colleagues in the courtroom to reconsider the evidence available.

  • Schindler’s List

IMDb – 8.9

If you have read about the Holocaust and the treatment of the Jewish by the Nazis, you will be inspired watching the movie. The movie follows the life of a popular industrialist during the time of World War II, Oscar Schindler who becomes concerned about his Jewish workforce because the Nazis mistreat them.

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

IMDb – 8.9

You have to start somewhere with this series and we’d recommend starting from the beginning. It follows the two leaders, Gandalf and Aragorn who lead their army in the war against Sauron’s army with the One ring that they have in possession. The movie takes you through a tumultuous ride of action, betrayals, and a whole lot of blood and gore.

  • Pulp Fiction

IMDb – 8.8

This is a hit or miss among viewers. The story isn’t the most complicated or intriguing but the acting and character development makes it a worthy watch. The storyline involves two mob hitmen, a gangster and his wife who go through a series of violence and redemption from the start till the end.

  • The Good, the bad, the ugly

IMDb – 8.8

A popular classic movie that follows the life of two men who are joined by a bounty hunting scam to form an eventual alliance to find the gold buried in a cemetery. The movie is available on the extratorrent.

  • Fight Club

IMDb – 8.8

A Brad Pitt starrer movie, that follows the life of a workaholic and underground soap maker who gets into an unwarranted fight that becomes a lot more and out of control.

  • Forrest Gump

IMDb – 8.8

The movie follows the life of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, who only desires one thing in his life – to be reunited with his lover. He narrates the historical events associated with the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal and so much more.

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