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What Is the Difference Between Split Air Conditioners and Ducted Air Conditioners?

While planning for suitable air conditioning to keep your home or office cool, you may either prefer to go for a ducted air conditioning system or you can prefer to go for a split air conditioner that is hanged on the wall. Both can do a great job to keep your space quite cool, however, there exist many differences between these two cooling systems.

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Let us now try to understand the differences between these two different types of air conditioners.


A split AC system is having a separate compressor (Generally fitted outdoor) and an indoor unit that is fixed on the area that needs to be cooled. Both these indoor and outdoor units will be connected through piping and cables instead of ducts.


  1. One main advantage of this type of air conditioning is, it will allow you to easily control the temperature of each room.
  2. Split systems are easier to install as the internal units will be connected through piping, rather than using any ducts. Although a hole has to be made on the wall to interconnect both indoor and outdoor units, however, that is not very significant.
  3. Relatively less expensive when compared with ducted air conditioners.
  4. Can be maintained in a DIY way, however, occasionally need a professional inspection.
  5. Can be controlled remotely.
  6. During winter the same system can be used for heating the room.


  1. Occupies a space within the wall.
  2. Cooling efficiency may not be as high as a ducted AC system.
  3. Can cool only a limited area.
  4. The outdoor unit remains exposed to outside weather.


Any ducted air conditioning system will remain entirely concealed. Usually, the entire ducting work is done near the ceiling and a false ceiling is used for concealing the entire ducting.  The cooled air will then be directed to multiple zones or rooms within the building through concealed ducting system. Only the vents will remain visible.


  1. Can cool the entire building by using a single system.
  2. Provides a very efficient cooling system.
  3. There can either be a single control system or a separate control system for each zone or room.
  4. The same system can also be used for heating the room during winter.
  5. More efficient cooling and may consume less energy to maintain the temperature.
  6. Does not offer any noise.


  1. Relatively expensive system and suitable mostly for big buildings.
  2. Installation may take much longer.
  3. For certain structures, it may not be suitable.
  4. Usually, controllers are fixed on the wall and remote-control facility is not available.

If you are considering central air conditioning of any large property then ducted Split System Air Conditioning will be a better choice. However, if you need to air condition a single room then split AC will be a better option.

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