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What to Check Before Buying a Spin Mop?

A mop that allows you to clean its head without even touching it, is the spin mop. A spin mop comes in a set. Bucket, mop head, and a handle are included in the set, which means, it is not a single item. The bucket of a spin mop has a freshwater reservoir and wrings out the mop head system. In the market, there are a lot of spin mops that are designed very poorly with low-quality materials which will not work as well. So, before buying a spin mop you must check its durability and mechanism.

In this article, you will get to know how to choose a spin mop to clean your floors easily.

Mop Materials

For the spin mop head, microfiber material is an ideal option because microfiber is much softer than any other material. It also will not damage your floor as others do. You can use microfiber mop heads in tile, laminate, hardwood, or natural stone. Microfiber is not only softer than others but it is also well-absorbent. If you choose good-quality microfiber, it will help you to sweep dry messes and soak wet messes. Here comes some other topics to notice that microfiber can absorb germs from the floor while cleaning. To avoid germs your mop should have the function of a machine-washed system or detached system to wash it deeply. If you are about to clean floors regularly with the mop, make a plan to replace the mop head every six months.

The spin mop handle contains several parts. These are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or durable plastic. Its handle should be stronger. Some spin mop handles have the function of hand pedals to clean off the spin mop head. Adjustable and telescoping handle mops are good to use comfortably. The handle should be at least 50 to 60 inches in length so that you can clean under the furniture or corners easily.

The bucket material handle should be constructed with durable plastic or Polypropylene with the wheels. The spin basket should be stainless steel as here sits the mop.

Spin Mechanism

A spin mop is not much different from a regular mop. It has similar basic functions like a regular mop, lifting dry and wet messes from hard floors. The difference exists in the wringing function. The spin mop is paired with the bucket which is equipped with a foot pedal or handle mechanism. In the bucket, you will get 2 boxes of water and a spin mop head. A spin mop is not as large as a string mop because spin mop is mostly used for only home.


There are various types of features available. One of the best features of spin mop buckets is the wheel system. It helps you to keep the water around with you easily while cleaning the floor. It also will help you to prevent stooping, lifting, and bending. On the other hand, without wheel system buckets also have the potentiality of being sturdier than others and long-lasting.

More than wheels you should look for the bucket which has the feature of draining dirty water and a splash guard.

If you bought a new spin mop, you must know that it will take some time to get used to it. Knowing this you should bone up on the facts while working with it. There are a lot of brands selling spin mops, and every brand has its mechanism. So, Try to read the manufacturer’s instructions completely before starting working with it. When you understand all the functions and their uses, you will be able to complete your task more easily and fastly. Hope you are clear now to buy a spin mop wisely.

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