Successfully Growing Cannabis at Home

4 Important Factors for Successfully Growing Cannabis at Home

Growing your own cannabis is always the safest option if you have the proper space for it. Not only is it going to be rewarding, but it’s also a lot cleaner. It is integral to know the type of weed you are consuming to ensure it isn’t hazardous to your health or simply just a scam; cultivating it on your own is one of the best decisions you can make if you care about quality. Before you do, however, there are important factors to know. Read on to find out how to successfully grow cannabis at home with these 4 factors in mind.

1.  Environment

First, you must set up the proper environment in which the plant can healthily grow. This is especially the case if you are growing them indoors, as you will need to properly simulate the native environment necessary for the plant’s growth. This entails taking care of all the details, from sunlight and temperature to water.

As with all plants, cannabis plants require a particular temperature range to grow to their full capacity and at their best quality. You want to provide a temperature that is within the range of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it blossoms, the plant can handle a wider range of temperatures from about 65 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. While many people grow their plants outdoors, sometimes you may have a better chance of controlling the temperature around your plants by maintaining them indoors; some people even grow cannabis plants in a closet.

2.  Nutrients

Cannabis plant development requires certain nutrients to go smoothly, which is why you want to have fertilizer in mind if you’re looking for the cleanest harvest. Fertilizer is made up of concentrated nutrients; substances that promote enhanced fertility. This ensures your cannabis plant grows however you wish.

When it comes to choosing a fertilizer for any type of plant, you need to do proper research. Be extra diligent when selecting the right fertilizer for your marijuana plant. While choosing your preferred soil for growing cannabis, you can then determine the nutrients that are compatible enough to promote fertility. Some nutrients will work better than others. It is highly recommended to take a look at the options available as some may offer a more hands-off approach, which may be more to your liking if you have a busy schedule.

3.  Growth

A growth medium is vital. As mentioned above, you cannot grow your weed without its nutrients and these nutrients must be provided through a growth medium. When choosing the best growth method for your weed, you will have to choose from three options: soil, coco coir, and hydro.

While soil is the most popular option because it’s natural, leaving little work for the plant carer, and ensures the most consistent results, there are many benefits to the other growth mediums to look into. Coco coir requires almost the same amount of maintenance and effort as soil-based plants. The only substantial difference is that you must feed these plants their nutrients through water. Some people recommend taking the coco coir route if you are growing weed indoors, as it is more forgiving. Moreover, this type of growth medium is less likely to attract bugs which is a huge plus.

Hydroponics is a growth medium that involves placing the roots of your plant directly in water as you would with a flower. This can be quite intimidating; however, there are many first-timers who have achieved great results. Once you attempt this style, it could very well end up being your favorite method as it promotes faster growth and offers you more control over the nutrients than any other medium.

4.  Proper Care

As with any other plant, your weed plant requires proper care to grow prosperously. That means you must understand how much sunlight it needs at its different stages. For instance, in the vegetive stage, your plant will need at least 13 hours of sunlight. This is a step that needs arrangement, particularly if you are growing your plant indoors. You must know how often to water your plant depending on the growth method you’ve chosen. And, as mentioned above, it is your job to recreate the ideal environment for your marijuana plant. There are also different methods to prepare the seeds that some people believe are beneficial. Since these seeds are so delicate, some begin by germinating them before planting.

With the aforementioned factors taken into account, you will have enough basic knowledge to continue your research on growing your own. This will make the plant safer to consume, and you won’t have to worry about spending unnecessary amounts of money on it. You’ll realize how easy it is, regardless of which method you choose to grow your plant through.

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