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What to do after a home Inspection?

After your home inspection, you should go through the report. It gives you vital information about the state of the house you are about to purchase. The inspection report has a list of potential repairs, health and safety issues reported with it. Structural issues, plumbing, and electrical should be considered on priority repair. Here are some tips to guide you through what to do after your inspection results come out. 

Reading your Home inspection report

Review your home inspection report within 2-3 days of getting it. You should give it a thorough read. You should also understand that all the repairs listed are not critical repairs. There will be all sorts of repairs. Minor issues like a broken light bulb or smoke detectors are not something you need to fix right away. Focus on the bigger problems at hand and work a way to get a better deal or get it repaired before the purchase and handover. It is a common practice for home inspections in Brampton. Go through the list and list out a set of issues that needs to be addressed with the seller and you are good to go. 

Discuss the report with your agent

You have to sit down with your agent and go through the report. If there are issues that are vital, you need to ask them to repair them immediately. They would not hesitate to do those repairs which are threatening to the health and safety of the individuals living there. Do not ask for minor and cosmetic repairs from the seller. This can lead to killing the deal. Make your moves carefully so that you can have the best rewards for your hard-earned money. These issues include slight leaks which are non-structural, cracks like drywall and tape joints. 

Request for the repairs from their side

By requesting repairs for electrical and plumbing systems you are securing yourself a safe house to live in. Health-based hazards like asbestos, moisture-induced problems, and molds should be removed before the house is sold to the buyer. Damage to the roof system is also a major concern. Sellers will not agree to minor repairs. As long as the systems are in working condition they do not have to replace or repair them. 

Negotiations and Counteroffer

Once the inspection is over you are re-negotiating with the seller. When the seller receives the report, they sit down with the client for the repair request. At this point, the seller will agree to repairs in the addendum which are necessary repairs. They will negotiate certain repairs as there are financial constraints and some repairs are refused as they will be ready to give concessions on the financial side if you agree to do it yourself later after the purchase. 

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