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What to know about Iquitos Amazon tours

Iquitos is one of the most beautiful places in the world – although this may be contested, we think it is a fact. Located right by the Amazon River and in the middle of the dense rainforest, Iquitos is a slice of heaven. Located in northeastern Peru and on the Great Plains, this low-elevation town is known as the “capital of the Peruvian Amazon” – and for good reason!

It is arguably the only “city” that is located within the Amazon Basin, providing people with a bit of a city escape while they are exploring the incredible atmosphere of the Amazon. The ninth-most populated city in the entire country, this unique and aesthetic city is only reachable by river and air – meaning it is a great getaway for your next vacation!

Let’s see a little bit more about Iquitos and why you should consider taking one of the famous Iquitos Amazon tours, like those from Grand Amazon Tours, for a fun-filled and action-packed holiday!

Don’t know what to do for your next family vacation? We recommend checking out Iquitos Amazon tours in the middle of the rainforest!

Iquitos has been a city in the southern part of the world that has been hit hard by tourism – in a good way! With the influx of new tourists, the rise of Iquitos Amazon tours, and other fun adventures to do in the local area, the city has seen a sharp rise in its economic standing and the wellbeing of its citizens. Since it can only be reached by airplane or boat, getting to the city is part of the journey – but once you are here, what should you do?

One of the main activities that you can do when you finally make it to the beautiful city of Iquitos is to check out the local wildlife and the nearby rainforest. The wildlife present in Iquitos is probably very different from what you may have back home – especially if you are coming from the United States or a crowded urban city in bustling Europe! The greenness, flora, fauna, and animals are some of the main attractors of people to the local area – you will see over 850 species of fauna, 22 species of orchids, beautiful forest lilies, and 130 species of mammals. Not to mention, bring out your bird-watching binoculars and check out the 330 species of birds flying around above your heads! If you are a good swimmer, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving and look for one of the 250 species of fish that are living in the waters around you.


If you want to do it all, the best way is to sign yourself up for one of the Iquitos Amazon tours. With this tour, you can rest assured that you can do everything you want and you don’t have to organize a single thing! The private tour guides and company will take care of the logistics for you, so you can choose when you want to go bird watching, hiking, walking, swimming, and much more.


Getting to Iquitos, Peru is part of the journey – but the fun doesn’t stop here! You can choose one of the many Iquitos Amazon tours to check out the wildlife, go hiking in the nearby area and explore the beautiful and remote city.

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