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What to Look for When Choosing Control Systems?

Indeed you have thought more than once about how to organize control over the work of your subordinates. It is becoming an urgent issue with the increase in the number of computers in the enterprise. After all, in addition to helping and speeding up work, they can also spend a lot of work time on various unproductive tasks: entertainment, reading news, watching movies and videos.

Many managers have already come close to organizing remote monitoring and management software to monitor employee actions, but many control options are often confusing. Here is a selection of tips to consider:

Allows You To Monitor Employees Online And In Records

To ensure information security within the company, it is essential that the program records all employees’ actions and makes it convenient to view them. This is the only way to prove an employee’s guilt in case of controversial issues or to work on mistakes. Some programs do not write videos but take screenshots of the employee’s desktop at regular intervals. Such programs will not solve this problem because it is impossible to recreate a complete picture of the intruder’s actions from the screenshots.

There are hundreds of development systems for control, and each has its own functional specifics. Some of the features typically found in such a service are:

  • Online monitoring. View in real time the actions of the employee on the PC.
  • Control of sites and applications that an employee uses during the day.
  • Monitoring and detecting violations by employees of the work schedule.
  • Video recording of employees’ activity on a PC.
  • Key logger (record keystrokes)
  • Control of email and external media.
  • Print control.

It Helps You See A Complete Picture Of Productivity

Employees are not afraid of tracking systems; they are afraid of micromanagement. Choose software that provides aggregated data and allows you to see the full picture, not to have to go into details.

Employee monitoring systems allow you to separate specific programs, applications, and sites into separate categories – productive/unproductive – to better understand the overall performance of each employee without additional checks.

Personal Freedom

One of the main arguments against control systems is that such systems run counter to privacy principles – people do not feel protected if management can track their every step.

The fact is that the privacy of an employee does not end when he enters the office. Indeed, sometimes during work, you may need to consult a doctor, and the manager does not need to know about this. When choosing a control system, it is necessary to pay attention to functions that would allow employees to not always be in the manager’s field of vision.

Allows You To Manage Remote Employees

As more companies are accepting remote workers into their teams, the issue of managing and monitoring freelancers is gaining momentum. When choosing control solutions, look for additional design-specific features that would simplify the management of remote workers. For example, in some systems, a function is implemented that allows you to see employees’ work in real-time and correct their actions, i.e., employee activity is monitored even if you are miles apart.


The company’s management is always obliged to pay attention to the control of the work of the personnel. Today, there are many control systems in the market. Thus, the company needs to choose remote monitoring and management software that is convenient and effective.

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