Buying a Wax Warmer

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Wax Warmer

The wax warmer is an appliance that heats up wax to create a warm, soothing atmosphere. The most common type of wax used in the warmer is soy-based, which creates a low-emission fragrance and doesn’t emit any smoke or toxins as scented candles do.

This article will provide you with information on how to choose the best possible device for your needs. We’ll go over things like what type of wax you’re going to be using (scented vs unscented), as well as whether water protection is needed or not. We’ll also discuss some other considerations when purchasing such devices, including size and cost factors.

Types of wax warmers

There are a lot of different types of wax warmers on the market. In that wide range of electric wax burners available online, you will come across a wide variety of wax warmers for your use. Finding the best one from all those options is not an easy task as there are many things to consider before you buy a wax warmer.

There are basically three types of electric wax warmers that you can find online and they include:

  • Warmer pot with an integrated heating block
  • Warmer plate with a heating dish attached to it
  • Warmer plate with an isolated or independent dish

Wax pots that have integrated heating blocks need more maintenance as compared to the other two types as they need cleaning after every time you use them, but these kinds of burners also give a better heating performance. Wax pots that have a separate dish are easier to use as compared to the first one but at the same time, their heating ability is less as compared to the first.

Size of the wax warmer you need

Before buying anything, it’s important that you check out its dimensions and weight so that you don’t have any issues carrying or moving your new wax warmer from one place to another. These things can be checked out at online websites selling electric wax warmers where all these details are listed. There are many sizes available for different types of wax burners and before buying them, make sure whatever size will work best for your requirements. The heating performance of a wax warmer with a big pot will not be good as compared to the heating performance of a wax warmer with a small pot, so choose carefully.

Protection from water

There are both types of electric wax warmers available online which include:

  • Wax burners that do not need any kind of protection from water i.e., you can place them directly on top of your working table or deliver them to your bathroom but make sure they don’t get submerged in water at any cost.
  • Wax burners that need protection from water (you cannot place them near water). These kinds of wax warmers run on electricity and placing them near wet surfaces may cause fatal shock, so keep it in mind before buying one for your use.

Things to Always Keep In Mind

There is a lot to think about when it comes to wax warmers. The type of wax that you use has a big impact on the kind of pot you will need. If you enjoy candles, consider investing in a wax warmer. It is a cost-effective way to make your home smell great with an endless supply of fragrant candles or wax melts.

In general, there are two main types of meltable wax used for candle making: paraffin and soybean. Paraffin is a petroleum product that boasts a long burn time and an easy wick removal process, but it’s made from non-renewable resources and thus not eco-friendly. Soybean is a vegan alternative that burns clean without any smoke or soot residue, but it takes longer to solidify at room temperature and has a low burn time.

A lot of people prefer using soybean wax in their candle making, so it tends to be the more popular option. However, most wax warmers are not compatible with soy-based waxes. You can use paraffin or beeswax melts in a paraffin warmer, but if you want to melt soy-based wax in your pot there is a chance you will damage it. Check with your manufacturer before trying this out for yourself.

Versatility and durability of the wax warmer

Make sure to pay attention to the durability of the wax warmer as well as what you will be using it for. People have different needs when they’re seeking a wax warmer, and just anyone is not going to fit those needs. A good example would be if your plan is to use several different types of waxes then you need a versatile warmer that is able to handle multiple kinds. This way you won’t have to buy multiple wax warmers. The last thing you want is for your wax warmer to break after only a few uses of a different type of wax.

In addition to versatility, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of durability. You don’t want to buy something and only be able to use it for a couple of months before it breaks down on you. This is why durability should always play a role in your purchasing decision as much as the other things we mentioned above. Make sure you read reviews and find out how durable a certain wax warmer is so you can make an informed decision as well as be as safe as possible when using the pot.

Wax pot size

Another important thing to consider would be the size of the warmers’ container. If it’s too small or not big enough for your kind of project, you might end up using another container and wasting time and effort trying to make things work out. What you can do in order to make sure that this does not become an issue is by checking if the warmer you’re interested in is compatible with the size of your container. The pot that will fit inside a certain warmer can be found on their websites, and it will give you an idea if the wax pot you have in mind is going to work for this particular brand or not.

The type of wax that you’re going to be using is going to have a major impact on the kind of pot that’s going to work best for you. As with everything, there are pros and cons associated with every option, so make sure you do your research before making any decisions about what size or style may work best for you.

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