Colostomy Products

What You Need to Know About Colostomy Products

Those who have a colostomy need to know which merchandise is best for their situation and preferences. You can select from the many choices available when it comes to ostomy products. This encompasses different styles of pouching systems. The process is not confusing. The following can help you out.

Different product types

The two-piece colostomy product

The two-piece colostomy pouch tends to be a classic design. It is popular amongst patients as well as practitioners. When it comes to the two-piece ostomy pouching, the wafer which connects to the skin around your stoma tends to be a sperate piece which is not part of the actual collection pouch. It is usually known as a skin barrier.

It lets one simply position and keep the wafer secure and that without letting the pouch come in the way. This style colostomy pouch needs to make certain that one gets a tight seal amongst the skin barrier as well as the pouch.

Brands have created simple procedures, like a two-click attachment. It lets you know if the pouch is properly attached and will not leak.

The one-piece colostomy pouches

This one is simpler. It has lesser steps in comparison to the two-piece one. The complete pouch consists of one piece having the skin barrier attached. It is ready to get fitted directly over your stoma.

When it is on you will not need anything else to attach. There is no need to stress about leakage amongst the two pieces. You need to be certain that there is a full seal when placing it over its stoma for attachment to the skin.

The closed colostomy products

You may have heard of the closed-one ostomy pouches. They do not possess a drain and opening which will let you clean the bag and also reuse it. A closed colostomy bag is designed to be employed only one time. It can then be thrown away when it is full.

It is better to get these products from a trusted and reputable seller. You can search for colostomy bag supplies in Australia for instance or the place you stay. Check the quality of the merchandise before buying it. It is better to invest in your health with the best. Find the right one for you by consulting your doctor.

The drainable colostomy bag

The drainable colostomy pouch has a wide-mouthed drain upon its bottom which can be opened and closed. This will help you drain its contents into your toilet. It is possible to use every pouch for more time instead of replacing this always when it is full, like what is done with a closed-end pouch.

But it is a completely personal choice according to the best one that fits you and the routine that you have.

The pediatric colostomy bag

There are separate sizes present for kids. They will be less hectic to use and more better in comparison to the adult sizes. It depends on the kid.

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