What You Need To Know Before Buying Remy Hair Extensions

Do not worry if you are one of the women who has never touched remy hair extensions. We are here to help you navigate the commonly asked questions so you can shop online confidently and always obtain the ideal set the first time.

But before you make hasty decisions, let’s discuss important issues and we have compiled a list of factors for you to consider before purchasing remy human hair extensions.

What Are Remy Hair Extension?

Remy human hair extension are created using a method that preserves human hair, keeping the color vibrant and the texture glossy and silky. Additionally, Remy Human Hair is incredibly silky, durable, and manageable. You can therefore treat it just like your own hair. And without harming the extensions, use hot styling products, unlike inexpensive hair, which curly hair care routine  is readily destroyed when styled or washed.

Where Does The Hair Come From?

Originally the remy human hair extension originated in India. However, the market for hair extensions has expanded over time.

The hair itself is international in origin. Most of the hair still originates in India. However, a significant amount of hair is now obtained from:

East Asia,



Asia’s other regions

Can You Wash Remy Hair Extensions?

Your Remy Human Hair Extension can be washed with shampoo and conditioner like your own kinky curly hair. However, you don’t need to wash your Remy hair extension frequently.

If you are wearing remy tape in hair extension, while washing your hair, make sure that you are not applying the shampoo on the tape as it will loosen over time.

Will Remy Hair Extensions Fall Out?

The type of hair extension you wear is typically the only factor in how quickly your remy hair extension shed and fall out. Your remy hair extension won’t fall out if the stitches are done properly. However, a few hair strands will fall out, which is typical.

Can Hair Products Be Used On Remy Hair Extensions?

You can. However, you don’t need to, as you can use any texture. When you curl Remy human hair extension, the curls won’t fall out as rapidly as they do with your own hair. Reduce the number of products you use on your remy hair extension as the more items you use, the more bacteria buildup there will be, necessitating more frequent hair washing.

Can Remy Hair Extensions Be Colored?

Your Remy hair extension can be colored completely. Balancing it. Emboss it. Defuse it. If you like, color it in multiple colors. Bleaching it is the one thing you shouldn’t do. However, other than that, run for your life!


Remy hair extension are one of the rising extension everyone chooses when they want to add length and volume to their hair. Not only that, but the remy hair extension can also let you texture by taking advantage of their versatility and manipulating it to create flawless hairstyle, like passion twist. So, grab them Remy hair extensions from Indique as they have the finest 100% Remy human hair extensions with any textures you like. Get them and flaunt them!


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