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Why Are More Employers Adopting Pre-Hire Skills Tests?

You have been interviewing candidates for a few weeks for a current position in your company. However, the candidacy remains unfilled, and you are beginning to wonder why. We suggest screening the candidates using a pre-employment assessment test that will yield the following benefits.

Impartial Criteria

The employee hiring process is primarily subjective. It allows the employer to assess the candidate on their skills and body language. The criterion has nothing to do with job-related responsibilities. Unless you are being hired through a connection or a friend, the employer will assess the exterior, no wonder the initial screen involves the resume or unstructured interviews.

Professionals design these tests to reach an objective conclusion without any bias. These tests will measure your potential future performance or testify to your lack of skills that you will focus on if you are hired. Not to break the happy bubble, but there is very little chance you will be hired if you fail the test.

Standardized Testing

These tests are also universal. The candidates for the same vacancy will be assessed based on the same test. It is not wise to assess the employee based on their resume or face-to-face interviews. The interviewers need a more comprehensive approach to vet the most valuable employee.

A standardized test will assess the candidates on the same criteria, giving everyone an equal chance to succeed. Therefore, more and more employers are taking on pre-assessment tests to identify the required skill set.


Instead of sitting and facing the stranger for 20 minutes and asking details about their professional and personal time, why not invest in an unbiased control? These tests are more centered on the employees than they are on the employer. It saves valuable time on both spectrums where candidates are eliminated solely based on their skills such as written communication or technical knowledge.

Not to mention the interviews are very costly too. You are individually spending rent and utility on a person you may not hire. Therefore, interview after screening the employees with tests. It is less subjective and more personal than it should be.

Strictly Professional

The employer may have a gut feeling regarding a potential employee. However, it is still a “feeling” since they may not satisfy the skill requirements. The pre-skill tests are focused on removing the bias that employers sometimes feel. It can also save employers from discriminatory hiring, which results in bad publicity.

Furthermore, these pre-hired tests need to be job-related and not mainstream, such as the Myers-Briggs test. It is a personality assessment test and does not provide any insight into job performance.

Hire the Best of the Best Candidate

The pre-employment tests are necessary to introduce objectivity where it is most needed. It will save business costs so you can match with the dream employee you have been searching for all along. Before hiring candidates for your business, give them pre-hire skills tests to learn more about their skills, personality, and if they’re the right fit for the job and your business.

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