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5 Uses of Barefoot Shoes Besides Running

Barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the feel of going barefoot. The idea is that we evolved to walk and run without wearing any protective footwear, and we can improve our feet’ health by getting them out of heavy rubber or plastic shoes.

The way they are designed can help give your body a break from the constant pounding of running on hard surfaces. They also offer better stability when you need to make quick cuts during running and other sports activities.

Initially, there were a lot of inquiries raised when barefoot shoes were introduced on the market. These shoes have become so popular that some people wonder if they can be used for other activities besides running.

When To Wear Barefoot Shoes

There may be a misconception with some of us, that  barefoot shoes are intended for running only. Contrary to what many believe, they also perform well for everyday use, sports, physical activities, hiking, swimming, and other adventures.

Here are some of the many occasions barefoot shoes can be used and which one to use.

Daily Use

Barefoot shoes provide many benefits of going barefoot without actually having to go barefoot. They are the perfect shoe for those who want to maintain healthy foot habits but cannot do so. They are not just for children who need to go running around outside all day but are also useful for adults who have daily chores that require them to be on their feet all day long.

The Geo Shell of Vivobarefoot is an everyday minimalist shoe, which every retro-style lover will enjoy. This barefoot shoe is inspired by old-school sports shoes, but updated to be barefoot-friendly. It makes use of natural materials that are ultra-lightweight and flexible. The Geo Shell barefoot shoe is your stylish everyday classic that will give you complete freedom of movement and sensory feedback.


Barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the natural motion of feet by having a natural grip and flexibility. Many people still think that barefoot shoes are just for running. However, they have now become popular among fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their balance and body awareness during their workout sessions.

Vivobarefoot’s Geo Racer is an ideal barefoot shoe for any type or level of workout. It allows your feet to move freely while you work out, walk, or run. A performance insole consisting of EVA foam and BLOOM algae biomass is used on the inside to boost air circulation without sacrificing the entire sensory input experience under your foot. It’s suitable for any activity you do throughout the day.


Barefoot shoes are more than just a trend. They have been shown to have many health benefits, including the ability to strengthen the foot-ankle complex. They are also great for people with plantar fasciitis, as they promote better weight distribution. Many practitioners have recommended that barefoot shoes be worn in offices due to this reason.

Vivobarefoot’s Ra II Men’s is a great barefoot shoe man can wear when reporting for office work. It’s not your typical barefoot shoe, as it features a fashionable Oxford lace and an upper constructed from premium leather. With an ultra-thin sole, Ra II is light, flexible, and breathable. Pair the Ra II with tapered trousers or turned-up jeans to seamlessly transition from work to play.

Aquatic Activities

Barefoot shoes are an alternative to traditional footwear designed to mimic the sensation of walking barefoot across a soft sandy beach. Kids can also participate in aquatic activities wearing barefoot shoes.

Flip-flops are out of style for your children to enjoy the beach and sand. For small feet but great adventures, Vivobarefoot’s Ultra Bloom Kids is perfect for them. This is a unisex vegan shoe for children that is light, flexible, and adaptable enough to be utilized for various land and water sports in the summer. It also dries quickly, which is useful when getting in and out of the water.

Holidays and Special Events

Everyone can wear a pair of barefoot shoes. But if you have a specific reason for wearing them, such as being barefoot at a wedding, then you should go ahead and buy a pair! Barefoot shoes come in several styles and functionalities that you will not run out of choices whether you’re planning to go to a party or other special events.

Vivobarefoot’s Fulham Suede is a pared-down version of the legendary Chelsea boot, ideal for the colder months, and features a versatile design that works with various outfits. Even with its thin and flexible soles, which provide an excellent ground feel, it’s a tough boot with a high grip that prevents slips and falls when walking on slippery areas. This shoe is built to last and contains attributes desired in minimalist and barefoot footwear.


Having a greater awareness of the ground you walk on will help you become a more conscious human being. Barefoot shoes provide a sort of grounding experience that can be very therapeutic, especially in this fast-paced life we live in today.

Taking part in the barefoot movement can seem daunting, but you can ease into it gradually. If the look of barefoot shoes frightens you, you shouldn’t. There are many different styles of barefoot shoes, contrary to popular belief.

There are also a lot of barefoot shoe blogs that can aid you in your journey. Happy Barefoot is one of them. Beginners, as well as pros, can find their perfect barefoot shoes on this website.

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