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Why do I choose a custom notebooks to him?

Customized notebooks are not only for those who need to share feelings or relax on their rest days, although they are good for both sides. In these 4 tips for entrepreneurs, we discussed the benefits of manual note taking.

Almost every activity in our lives depends on technology, from arranging our work, organizing tasks and projects, tracking contacts, and even tracking your favorite craft beer.

While I’m no different than most people — addicted to my iPhone and use many apps every day — I’m still partially stuck in a 1990s written custom notebooks that I use every day to manage tasks and record activities and custom notebook. At meetings, people sometimes stare at it like a rare prehistoric fossil.

However, after years of insecurities, I finally found validation for my age-old custom notebook habit. Recent research has shown that taking notes by hand is better at remembering conceptual information in the long run than taking notes electronically. The findings were published in Psychological Science.

Does this mean that every entrepreneur needs to adopt custom laptops bound in leather and abandon their laptops? No, but if you find yourself tied down by electronic devices, you can consider using a written customized notebook to help you disconnect and refocus from time to time.

Here are some tips for getting started.

  1. Buy a good custom logo notebooks.

If you find a customized notebook that is easy to use, reliable, and won’t embarrass you in company meetings, you are more likely to keep and use it. This means not being content with cheap paper custom notebooks – unless that’s what you like – but “investing” in something that encourages use.

I’ve been using custom notebooks for years. It is small, solid and reliable. I like that you can find many different sizes, colors and styles to meet your needs. On the other hand, it is worth pointing out that the excellent performance of the company since its IPO in 2013 proves that the magazine still exists in today’s digital world.

Passion diary. After graduating from university in 2012, Angelia Trinidad launched a successful KickStarter campaign to fund a new customized notebook to help young professionals find their own way of life. Although I prefer a blank custom notebook, passion’s custom notebook format is a good template for people who are just starting to use it.

bullet custom journals. Organizing projects, tasks, and ideas in a custom notebook can be challenging and redundant. Although everyone should have their own organizational “system”, bullet custom notebook provides a very effective method. If you find these tips useful, founder Ryder Carroll will soon launch a customized notebook that integrates his organizational approach.

  1. Buy a Good pen.

For me, using a poor quality pen, such as a ballpoint pen (sorry, BIC), is enough to make me give up writing completely. Because of this, I like to use a certain type of pen, which not only writes well, but also feels good. Over the years, I have found that price is not an effective measure of practicality, so I tried various writing tools until I found one I like.

These days I use a new Charpy bloodless pen, which is cheap and writes well.

  1. Invest more energy.

For those who give up writing in life, it can be difficult to start again. Consider making it part of your daily routine, whether it’s planning your day in the morning or reporting in the evening. In addition, giving yourself a little time to write or doodle freely every week can also help improve your concentration and creativity.

Moleskine graphic paper

  1. Give up perfection.

Finally, you need to have the right expectations for a written custom notebook. Your custom notebook is not a manuscript or memoir, but a place where you can “dump” ideas, organize your day and stimulate your creativity. This is not Smithsonian art, so don’t treat it like this.

Custom notebooking can be used for many different personal tasks, but I find that the most beneficial thing is that it can help you reflect. Over the years, I have kept all my customized notebooks in a box in my wardrobe, and I occasionally read a customized notebook from the past.

In doing so, I saw the sad time I wasted on my daily work, or the stress that ended with the passage of time.

Being able to reflect in this way will make your life more forward-looking and teach you how to manage your time and better focus on the most important things. This may be the best reason to save a custom notebook.

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