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How to Buy the Best Roller Skates in Estimated Budget

Moxi Skates is a line of women’s roller skates that are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Michelle Stielen, who designed the initial Moxi Skates collection back in 2021, wanted to make a new female roller skate unique, fun, and American-made. So, she looked to Riedell Skating Co. out of Red Wing, Minnesota, to get it done.

Riedell skates

Riedell skates manufacture both indoor and outdoor wheels for all types of skating. The Riedell Pro XLS line of skates is specifically design to work great on an indoor rink. They offer a slick mid-range design that is durable enough to stand up to wear and tear on an outdoor ice rink. The edges are textured to help keep them from slipping, but not so smooth that they catch. The sides of the skate have grooves to help dissipate any “slick” that may accumulate while skating and the back of the skate have concave rockers for optimum balance and grip.

Available in many styles

Moxi skaters enjoy the many styles of skates available to them and the fact that they are American-made. Moxi skaters are just starting to discover the benefits of social media to promote and market their products. The company is currently involve with several online and offline campaigns that have been designed to let consumers “etooth” their way through Moxi skates and their clothing line.

Michelle was excited about the prospect of letting “the people” get to know Riedell skaters and Moxi skaters. At first, she wasn’t sure how it would work since she had never considered using social media as part of her advertising strategy. However, after taking the initial plunge, Michelle realized that the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity could be tremendous. Bluetooth technology allows users to exchange information between devices, which typically cannot be done with traditional skateboards or roller skating shoes. It also allows for music and video sharing, making it simple to stay in touch and share videos and Free Piano Sheet Music.

Hybrid Roller-Star

Moxi skates currently sold and ship by Moxi is the Hybrid Roller-Stars. They are a comfortable and affordable alternative to Moxibustion and other traditional flat-bottomed roller skates. The new Moxi skates are designed for all skating conditions, whether you’re skating on a quarter-pipe or at an indoor hockey rink. They also come in a wide variety of trendy colors, including black and pink. Moreover, you can also check the Roller Skates by WowSkates in this regard.


Right away, the biggest benefit of having these skates is their durability. The Moxi skates feature a solid grip tape similar to that featured on many high-end roller skating shoes. This helps keep the skater’s feet safe yet still have good traction when doing roller skating tricks. Moxi skates feature an innovative design that offers a lip that is semi-permeable. This allows the skate’s edges to be softened during skating and prevents the sharp edges from cutting into the skin of the skater’s foot.

The second major benefit of Moxi skates is that they offer the unique custom design available on the market. Moxi skates are designed to be worn low. This provides comfort and allows the skater to keep his or her feet planted firmly on the ground. One of the biggest complaints about wearing high heels is that they tend to dig into the foot and make the user feel uncomfortable. Moxi skates offer adjustable toe stops, which allows the skater to choose between flat, non-flat, or variable toe stops. With the variable toe stops, the skater can choose to allow their feet to move more freely and, therefore, be more comfortable while skating.

Available in Various Sizes

Lastly, Moxi skates are available with hard plastic heel cups, and soft leather toe picks. Although hard plastic heel cups can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially in cold weather, the soft leather heel pick is warmer and more comfortable in warmer weather. This means that Moxi roller skates are better  for those who like to wear skates with socks. In addition, Moxi skates can be order in various sizes. These sizing options allow people of all heights and sizes to find the right pair of Moxi skates to fit their feet.

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