Apps Developed With React Native

Here’s A Look At The Super 7 Apps Developed With React Native

Lately, quite possibly the most famous point in the realm of mobile application development services is cross-platform: React Native, Flutter, and another setup and arising advances are grabbing expanding eyes from all sides. But today our sole focus would be on React Native. From React Native app development cost to gathering the top apps developed using React Native, this guide will shed some informative light on this rising platform. 

Rundown of Top 7 Apps Built In React Native 

Today we’d like to introduce a rundown of well-known applications made utilizing React Native to show the potential outcomes cross-platform development offers to the arrangement suppliers. And this is one of the better reasons why businesses are looking to hire dedicated React Native developers. Peruse on to discover how some incredibly famous brands use cross-platform developments in their mobile programming arrangements. 

1 – Facebook Ads Manager and Analytics 

I had a few concerns if I ought to specify this one, as there’s a typical confusion that Facebook is written in React Native. That isn’t exactly precise. Even though Facebook made the innovation (carried out in 2013) because of an inner Hackathon project, actually the Facebook application utilizes React Native just in certain parts, the attention being fundamentally on the Events Dashboard and Marketplace. 

The equivalent applies to the Facebook Analytics part of the application, where utilizing React Native seemed well and good due to extraordinary capacities in the information shown. The exhibition speed additionally was a major in addition to. Facebook Ads and Analytics make a biological system for brand development via online media that is utilized by numerous advertisers throughout the planet. 

2 – Instagram 

In 2012, Instagram was purchased by Facebook and turned into a piece of an unmistakable social media market pioneer. It was inevitable when Facebook chose to apply its structure to Instagram’s code. Everything began in 2016 when Facebook developers started to plan to incorporate cross-platform innovation into a native application. 

In the first place, message pop-ups were carried out utilizing React Native. They zeroed in on execution, profile altering view, post-development include, content saving component, remark control usefulness, designated spots, and promotions. 

What unfolded was that React Native development is a lot quicker for both Android and iOS applications. The company says that they will keep developing the application with React Native. After this, businesses are looking for the top react native mobile app development company because Instagram is arguably the most used social media platform. 

3 – Airbnb 

This was quite possibly the most famous mobile application that worked with React Native. Airbnb continues exploring and assessing innovations to give the best client experience. Their decision of React Native depended on the objectives they set – moving quicker as an association, keeping up with quality like native applications while further developing the designer experience, and composing a solitary codebase for their product rather than two separate codes. In 2016, Facebook’s cross-platform system marked all the containers. 

Their investigation with React Native proved to be fruitful as a few basic products were dispatched in the structure. However much React Native followed through on the put-out objectives, it transformed into a genuine exertion as far as incorporation with existing native applications foundation and empowering complex native provisions. 

After just about two years of utilizing React Native, the experience Airbnb revealed was that the structure was a mind-boggling device, and yet presenting specialized and authoritative difficulties. 

As their broad platform required countless complex native parts and elements, going to native mobile structures was a coherent decision. Airbnb reasoned that React Native may be an incredible decision for some mobile applications and, with everything taken into account, they truly loved the structure, however, it essentially didn’t accommodate their development methodology. 

4 – Discord 

Conflict is quite possibly the most famous voice and visits correspondence services in the gamers’ native area. The greatest TeamSpeak’s rival took their risks with React Native and presently guarantee it assisted them with effectively driving their iOS mobile application client reception from zero to millions around the world. Conflict value taking on the structure the very day it was carried out for both Android and iOS. And React Native app development cost doesn’t empty your pockets. 

Strife esteems React Native for its ability to keep development teams little and productive. The company sums up React Native in this manner: “At Discord, it has brought us mind-boggling proficiency. It permits us to compose reusable code, gain from one another, and move quickly with a two-man team. Although there are genuine problem areas and difficulties, the general gains altogether offset the expenses, which spurs us to continue to put resources into the platform.” 

5 – Uber Eats 

Another setup brand is utilizing React Native in their computer programming division. The Uber Eats dashboard worked as a web application first, so the devs from Uber expected to pick an innovation that would permit them to rapidly make a mobile application for their customers on iOS and Android. They concluded that utilizing React Native will be the most ideal decision and if you go with the top React Native mobile app development company, it’ll be good for your business. 

On their blog, Uber portrays the phases of developing a React Native application for food conveyance with all the center functionalities and extra provisions. As is commonly said: “While it is untimely to consider React Native the silver projectile of mobile application development, it appeared to fit the Uber Eats use case well indeed.” They even offer bits of code that were utilized to make their React Native mobile application. It’s evidence that a multi-platform structure can be utilized for profoundly intuitive applications. 

6 – SoundCloud 

SoundCloud Pulse adopted a consistent and sensible strategy to utilize the innovation for their mobile application. They’ve had a lot of involvement with native application development as of now, which assisted with embracing React Native as consistently as could be expected. The work was introduced with making a model and began getting to know the new system. 

The fundamental justification for going to React Native was the deficiency of native mobile developers who might be accessible for growing new mobile applications, so the SoundCloud team needed to manage with what they had – 2 JavaScript and 1 iOS devs, who shaped a new, cross-platform development team. When the venture was removed, the company continued discovering an ever-increasing number of explanations behind staying with React Native. SoundCloud’s React Native outline blog entry clarifies the involvement in more detail. After the exploratory platform, they chose to proceed with React Native mobile application development and executed the system in more places at SoundCloud. Going by this information, if you ever decide to hire dedicated developers to develop applications in react native platform, it would be an ideal choice.  

7 – Walmart 

Walmart App was made to empower clients perusing the shop’s product offer, check costs coming up, request shopping on the web, or pay for purchases utilizing Walmart’s Payment framework. Because of the application’s high intricacy and an enormous number of components, Walmart chose to assemble an answer with React Native to lessen the development team size. Separate iOS and Android teams for a task of this size were not effective enough in Walmart’s view. This is the way the company legitimizes their choice: “native execution is incredible in principle, however for all intents and purposes, we need to ponder usefulness/code sharing/chance-to-advertise, which is the place where a cross-platform structure like React Native comes in.” 

Today, 95% of the codebase is divided among iOS and Android applications. Expenses of development were diminished with a solitary team chipping away at the two platforms. Walmart broke down the viability of the venture and summarized it, bringing up the upsides and downsides of the React Native system. In the most natural-sounding way for them: “We firmly accept that React Native is an incredible structure. It’s finished all that we needed, and it’s done as such honourably. While it has a couple of issues, those issues are eclipsed by the pile of advantages you get from utilizing it.”


The primary goal of this guide is to let businesses realize the potential of React Native. And to tell you the truth, React Native app development cost is not even high to stop them from moving forward because the element of success is quite higher than your investment. Long live React Native and bless their friendly community. 

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