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Why Do We Refer To Books Before Exams?

In the words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, an eminent Scientist and former President of India –

“Learning gives Creativity, and Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great.”

In everyone’s life, but especially in a student’s life, books play an important role. A student’s best friend is usually a book, since it can aid them in overcoming their failures and also teach them a lot. The saying ” A room without books is like a body without its soul ” is very relevant for students, as books determine their success in educational fields.

Whether it is CBSE or state boards, every secondary or higher secondary education board stresses the importance of school books. As an example, students of Maharashtra Board Class 10 or 12 are especially likely to know how vital the Maharashtra State Board books are. School textbooks also have their own place in students’ lives, just as other books are praised for their benefits.

We briefly examine some advantages of consulting books before exams in this article.

Reasons to Refer Textbooks For Exams

Most students tend to underestimate the power of books. Reading a book can open up a new world, which is immersive. With each book that a student reads, they become a better person and gain valuable experience. Apart from these general benefits, students are advised to get a good grade in exams by studying from textbooks. We list a few benefits of textbooks here:

  • Books help students in building their imagination earlier on.
  • Reading books helps students to build their vocabulary.
  • Referring to books helps students be confident in answering questions.
  • For thorough understanding of a topic, studying from books is essential.
  • Textbooks explain all the concepts very clearly.
  • Learning different languages and developing analytical skills become easy with books.
  • Most questions found in the textbooks form the basis for question papers.
  • This is the best resource to recall important points and to identify mistakes in answer papers.

Reading books is based on the concept that without books, students start learning from scratch – as if they are going to figure out the entire world on their own. By not reading books, they are accepting second-hand information from those who have been reading, or at worst, they are starving their minds of ideas.

In addition, students who hope to do well in their board exams need a solid foundation in the subject, which is effectively provided by mastering the concepts from previous classes. It is for this reason that most toppers of board examinations encourage others to read books from earlier classes; like how Class 10 MSBSHSE toppers often urge their successors to work hard, and read through Maharashtra State Board 9th std books if they wish to ace the exams.

Additionally, reading books ahead of time helps students feel more confident about taking exams. Stress-free students are also able to focus easily on their studies without any obstacles, increasing their chances of getting top grades. Therefore, books are indeed an important resource for students who hope not only to perform well in exams, but also to develop better career and educational prospects.

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