Why GPS tracking device is an asset for your car?

What is an asset? A thing which is useful to someone. It can be described in many ways like a hardworking employee is an asset for the organization, or a friend who supports you in difficult circumstances is an asset for you. Similarly, a GPS tracking system is an asset for your vehicle because it tracks it and gives you timely and useful alerts, which is very helpful for your vehicle’s safety. GPS technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, particularly after the COVID pandemic outbreak, which saw the rise in the use of GPS devices.

It’s not a hidden truth that due to COVID, many small and big businesses suffered huge losses, which resulted in the closing of many startups with dreams of flying high. However, despite these losses, there was a bright spot for the telematics industry which saw its rise when the whole market was falling. Companies like Tata, Mahindra, and Maruti Suzuki predicted the rise in sales of the vehicle when COVID started to expand its footprints in India. Their prediction came true when people started buying cars and bike after the COVID breakout due to the fear of getting infected in public transport. The rise of vehicles also resulted in more use of GPS tracker for car and bike.

Let’s take an example of how people’s mindset has changed after the COVID breakout. A few days ago, I talked to one of my friends; while talking, I get to know that he has bought a car with the help of a bank loan. So, I asked him why he took a car loan as he was already paying the installments of a home loan taken in the past; he replied, “The COVID has scared my whole family the office is open and I go regularly but my parents feared that I would get infected if I travel from public transport that’s why I took loan and bought a car.”

How GPS tracker is an asset?

Here are the five reasons:

  1. Alerts You from Theft:

Due to the COVID, many people lost their jobs. This is because they took the wrong path like burglary, stealing, and theft, and law and order isn’t able to control it efficiently because everyone is busy tackling COVID, which has given these kinds of people a free hand to commit these crimes. However, with the help of a vehicle tracking system, you can secure your two-wheeler or four-wheeler from getting stolen. The GPS tracking device sends you an alert whenever someone tries to unlock your vehicle.

  1. Safe-Zone:

Suppose you have two cars at your house, with the one you go to the office, and your driver uses the other one for dropping your son at school and then picking him in the noon. As a caring parent, it’s natural that you always want to know that your child reached school or home on time or not, and for that, you have to rely on the driver’s call. With the help of a car GPS tracker, you can create a safe zone around your kid’s school so that whenever your son enters or exits the area, you will get instant notification on the mobile app.

  1. Low-Cost Investment:

Ironically, people invest lakhs in buying the vehicle of their convenience, but they hesitate to invest a mere amount in installing a GPS. An average GPS tracker price starts from INR 3,000, which is a very small amount compared to the price of bike and car in the market. In this amount, you can secure your vehicle for several years to come.

  1. Speed Alert:

There is a function called Over-Speed alert through which you can mark a speed limit, and you don’t want your vehicle to run more than that speed. It’s a useful feature to track your teenage kids and keep an eye on how they run the vehicle because most of the road accidents happen due to the race of overtaking others by over-speeding the vehicle, and this trend is more common in teenagers which is enough to give their parents some headache. However, with the help of GPS for car parents can monitor the speed of their vehicle.

  1. Prevention is Better than Cure:

The old which is written fits for the vehicle owners. Whenever a discussion happens regarding the GPS tracker device, some people say that they have insurance of their vehicle but let me tell you one thing insurance and GPS are two different things. To get the insurance money, you have to go to the insurance companies office and collect and give many documents; however, if you have a GPS vehicle tracking system installed in your vehicle, you won’t lose your vehicle.


Some people still believe that the GPS tracker app is not necessary at all. However, we should not forget that many people’s perspectives have changed after the COVID breakout, and Govt pushes to Telematics industry by making it compulsory for all vehicles to have a GPS tracking device while crossing the state border. Hence, a GPS vehicle tracker is a must-buy gadget for every vehicle owner.

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