Mitragyna Speciosa

Why Is Mitragyna Speciosa So Popular In USA

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a plant included in the coffee family and is found mainly in Thailand and other tropical countries. Conventionally, people chew its leaves or make them into tea which is used to improve work productivity by combating weariness. Kratom is used widely in the field of medicine to treat pain, diarrhea, stomach problems, and most importantly, opioid withdrawal.

Kratom is a member of the coffee plant family but its characters are similar to those of opioids such as morphine and codeine. It acts as a natural opioid. The active ingredient of kratom is mitragynine. Mitragynine binds to opioid receptors in the brain and thus, relieves pain. This mechanism of action is believed to be the main reason why kratom provides relief in times of acute and chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, reported by a few kratom users. It is also said to have some sedative effects. This helps in relieving anxiety in a few cases. It is said to increase focus, enhance mood and behavior, and also cause euphoria.

Despite the facts, research is going on and the exact role of kratom is yet to be determined. The confirmed evidence of its benefits and side effects is still under process.

Kratom use is increasing rapidly in the US due to its known benefits as reported by It is considered a safe botanical product. Mitragyna speciosa has grown popularly in the US due to its double effect of acting as a stimulant in low doses and as an opioid-like substance in higher doses with fewer side effects than opioids. The two essential ingredients in kratom are 7-OH and mitragynine, which acts as partial agonists at the mu-opioid receptor.

The dual effect of kratom has given it special importance. It is used instead of opioids as a natural and safer way to relieve pain. Opioids are a class of drugs that act to relieve pain but they come with a great demerit of contributing to mental health problems. Mental health problems like anxiety and depression can develop with the chronic use of opioids. Chronic use of opioids can cause anxiety by depleting the vital neurochemicals needed to fight off the fear response. Depression is another serious mental disease caused by opioids in some cases. Opioids fight pain and create a feeling of euphoria. This effect does not last for long as the effect of the medication wears off after some time. Due to this reason, at this point, a person feels lower than before taking it, as neurotransmitters are depleted, and hence, feelings of extreme sadness and depression occur. It is also used as a sedative. For people who encounter problems during sleep, especially insomnia, kratom has proven to be useful.

The other important reason behind its popularity in the US is that many people combat mental conditions like anxiety and depression these days. As we are all aware that the most important use of kratom is providing relief from anxiety and causing euphoria, therefore, kratom can be a product of great help when it comes to fighting off anxiety and depression. In research conducted among common people of the US, it was found that many people do not pay much attention to mental health and do not prefer going to doctors in times when they are undergoing anxiety and depression. They do not feel comfortable this way. Instead, they like being alone and end up finding easy self-remedies for themselves.

Kratom is also included in the list of these easy remedies and solutions. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, kratom’s use has increased tremendously in the US and is becoming a subject of discussion for the FDA i.e. food and drug administration. The increased consumption of kratom has caused rising concerns about its safety.

The concept of kratom as a dietary supplement remains unclear to date and its uses and side effects are yet to be approved. In this regard, FDA is working along with some other research teams to come up with confirming evidence of information related to kratom. Keeping in view the safety point, many states of the US have banned the use of kratom and even if they allow it, proper precautions are to be taken.

Where Is Kratom Harvested From?

Kratom comes from the very famous and popular island of Indonesia. You find excessive germination of this superb kratom strain in Southeast Asia. Specifically, Indonesia is on the top of the production of green Sumatra kratom.

As the weather of the island is marvelous. So the effect you get from the kratom is also mind-blowing. Sumatra kratom gives you those soothing and euphoric feelings for which the island is famous. The romance and aroma will definitely take you on a journey of a state of ease and comfort.

Cultivation And Rarity

As it is cultivated in the heart of Indonesia., Sumatra island. But it is cultivated in other areas of Indonesia also. this Green Sumatra has no match. The aroma and flavor are closer to the Malay and Baley strains. The strains are quite alike to coffee brew.

This amazing strain is also the talk of the town due to its rarity. As the humid environment of Indonesia is perfect for the cultivation of this heavenly green strain.

Origin Of Tree Leaves

Green Sumatra is a tropical plant. Its leaves are full of the characteristics of Sumatra island. Leaves are so aromatic and flavorful. They are not opioids themselves but they act like opioids.

The farmers are well trained in picking up fresh leaves from the mature plants. So the Green leaves of Green Sumatra are a true mixture of white and red. As for the benefits.

Leaf Anatomy

The spectacular leaf of this cumbrous plant has a rarity in its morphology. The leaves are oblong in the shape. Sumatra kratom plant germinates leaves in the alternative sequence. The miraculous leaves have a few pairs of dense veins on their surfaces. These veins are usually in the sets of 12-17.

After analyzing the transverse section of this glorious leaf petioles makes it clear that the highlighted area of the petiole is a bit convexed from the center of the adaxial part and takes the shape of the letter U  on the abaxial side.

If you go deeper into the formation of the leaf, you will see that these leaves have a special formation of stomata that is paracytic and hypostatic formation.  It has a harmonious blend of glandular and non-glandular trichomes.

You will find that its petiole and midrib parenchyma cells possess secretory cells.

When you observe its cuticle that is present on both epidermal surfaces,  you will notice a clear differentiation between the granules and wax.

Alkaloids Analysis Of Green Sumatra Leaves

Alkaloid analysis brings some interesting facts about the Sumatra plant. you need to study alkaloids in this strain of kratom. as it possesses almost 50 alkaloids. You will find only 13 alkaloids in the kratom that is commercially available.

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