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Why Small Service Companies Are Betting on Banners in 2021

Traditionally, generating brand awareness has always meant adopting long-term strategies. Creating a strong image for any brand takes time. Due to the rise of super-competitive digital marketing, brand building takes much longer than it used to in the past.

The digital transformation was already putting a lot of pressure on marketers. The COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns made matters worse. Marketing budgets across the world have been slashed in half.

Since marketing resources are squeezed, smaller businesses are being forced to strategically pick their marketing investments. That’s why in the US, 29% of the work that was previously carried out by advertising agencies is now being carried out in-house.

If you’re a small service company and your marketing budget is declining year-over-year, the implication is clear – you need safe bets. Forget the new age drivers of marketing, relevance, and brand awareness (such as Internet marketing, TV, etc.).

These are the reasons why small service companies and small-scale store owners with limited ad money are resorting to sign display advertising.

Are Banners and Signs Effective in 2021?

Many people live with the wrong assumption that traditional marketing tools don’t please the masses. In reality, banner signs are still the most popular marketing tool for local audiences. All it takes is a speck of creative thinking and some high-quality promotional graphics to create a memorable and impactful banner.

Modern-day vinyl banners are extremely customizable. Top sellers of banners offer easy customization options. Businesses can easily customize these signages to highlight specific aspects of their business.

For instance, in the post-COVID-19 environment, many shoppers are looking for safe shopping spaces. Store owners can custom-design posters, banners, etc., displaying important COVID-19-related information.

There are also different types of banners to choose from –

  • Stages banner
  • Banner with wind slits
  • Wall banner
  • Window banner
  • Construction site banner
  • Directional banner
  • Indoor banner
  • Outdoor banner
  • Table banner
  • Tent banner
  • Truck banner

Why are the Top Companies Betting on Banner Advertising in 2021?

As a promotional tool, banner advertising meets most of the criteria and priorities that cash-strapped businesses currently have. Vinyl banners can be custom-printed within hours. They can be customized to target specific demographics.

Placing these banners in high-traffic regions of the locality can give businesses immense brand exposure. Another reason why small service companies are betting big on this marketing tool is reusability.

Service company representatives often have to take part in corporate events, trade shows, etc. A vinyl banner or poster is intrinsically reusable in such situations. They can be printed on both sides. They can be hung, placed on the floor, etc.

Most importantly, the durable vinyl makes these marketing tools last for ages. Company representatives can use them at private corporate meetings or in front of their stores for long periods.

A well-designed banner or sign can easily blend in with its surroundings and attract the eyes of the people passing by. That’s why businesses that want to make their brands more attractive are betting big on banner signs in 2021.

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