Why you should not purchase Instagram followers?

Instagram users come across all types of advertisements which promote purchase of Instagram followers. Businesses that are struggling are often tempted by these ads. In fact, some of them are also baited into this trap.

Experts are of the firm view that effective engagement is only real engagement. If you manage to get organic followers, the results are going to be much better than it should be. Thus, you should not purchase Instagram followers. Famoid is one of the platforms that can help you get more followers in an organic manner.

Following are compelling reasons to restrain from purchasing followers:

  1. There will be no engagement

Fake followers are just good for sight. They will appear to follow you but will not provide any kind of engagement. They are bot accounts and there will be no interaction on their side. These fake followers will fail to comment on your posts, share them or provide any kind of engagement. Thus, make sure that you purchase organic and real followers for better engagement on your profile.

  1. Bot comments

Even if you get engagement, it will be fake. Most of the comments that you will receive will be from fake bots. They will be commenting in an entirely different language. The comments are usually generic in nature. This means that the comments will have no connection with posts. It may even be inappropriate for the post that you are uploading. Inappropriate comments do not even look good on your posts.

  1. Increase in spam activity

Most of the purchased followers are fake and therefore, will increase spam activity on your profile. Purchasing from these fake followers will open the account to a huge amount of spam posts. They will Instagram Direct you spam posts. They also have access to your followers. Most of the followers will also tend to follow your followers. It will not only be annoying for you but the people that follows you.

  1. Against the terms of service

Instagram is strongly against purchase of fake followers. It discourages the users from purchasing followers. It will not only increase the amount of fake followers in the digital market but have a negative impact on the community. Instagram also have the complete right to suspend the accounts. This can have a major blow on the credibility of your account. Although the social media platform may warn you for the first time, it will suspend the account without exception for the second time.

  1. It doesn’t earn you money

One of the biggest misconceptions that fake followers that are being purchased will make you earn money. These accounts will not purchase any products or services from your page.

The bottom line

If you want to use Instagram as an effective platform, then make sure that you do not purchase followers. Otherwise, it can cost you in the long run. Make sure you develop organic followers for results that are desirable by all creative brands.

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