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How Long It Takes to Find a Job: Timeline and Networking

People who start looking for a job for the first time are often surprised at how long this process can take. Some find a new job in a week, and some look for it for years. There is no single correct answer to how long it takes to find a job. But certain rules and factors significantly affect this process. Today, you will learn what timeline and networking are and what factors influence the job search process.

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Factors That Affect the Time Spent Looking for a Job

Statistics show that people who are actively working while looking for new positions change occupations faster. This is because such people have special characteristics in the eyes of employers. These characteristics make candidates more attractive.

The fact that a person is working somewhere means that he or she has work experience. And they were qualified enough to be interviewed before getting their position too.

Being interested in a new job means that the candidate really wants to get into a specific company. It also means that this person is ambitious and confident. There is no need for a rush in the hiring process on the recruiter’s part, as the candidate is unlikely to apply for jobs at other companies.

Those individuals who cannot find a job for a long time become less attractive candidates. Because of this, such people fall into a vicious circle where they systematically receive rejections. This is often due to the psychological state, employer bias, or mistakes in interviews and resumes.

It is very important to avoid stupid mistakes due to misunderstandings of the job application. To do that, you can use a resume editing service by professionals. A good resume is key to successful selection.

People who receive rejections for a very long time can find a job-search group. Such communities do not allow despair and depression. You can get professional help and advice from group members. They will share their experiences.

A career advice expert will help you find and fix your weaknesses. Such training will teach you tricks that will get more interviews and gain the hiring managers’ attention.


Networking is about creating mutually beneficial connections with people. These can be connections with your former colleagues, classmates, acquaintances, or friends. This relationship can help you achieve specific goals in your career field.

The most popular use of networking is to find work or new hires. This is so popular because it is much more convenient for people to work with specialists they know or those who their acquaintances advised. Such recommendations from trusted people make the hiring process easier and faster. That is why you need to constantly develop and maintain your professional networking.

However, there are other reasons to use networking. You can gain new knowledge and skills from such a relationship. Old connections will create a new networking base. Using networking, you can find answers to complex professional questions. A new reason can occur in your future.

It’s never too late to look for work within your networking, especially if you are tired of ATS bots. This could be the fastest road to a new job market.


How quickly you can get a new job can be affected by the timeline. Interview timeline is the specific steps a potential employer takes before hiring a new employee. Each step is complex and takes a different amount of time depending on the company.

The employer can remove or add new steps that can simplify or complicate the hiring process. This is done based on the company’s size, the number of hiring managers involved, the number of applicants, and the level of the position. All these factors together can stretch one phase over several weeks. Not surprisingly, the hiring process for large companies can take months.

Phases Leading to Employment

There are eight main phases of the timeline. As always, everything starts with application submission. This process usually takes place online. Very often, you should attach additional information, your accomplishments, your resume, and a cover letter. Depending on the number of applications, this stage can take a long time.

Then, there is a screening process. It is needed to narrow down the number of personal interviews. During this step, those people who have passed the resume check may be asked to take a test or go through an express phone interview.

The employer arranges personal interviews for those candidates who have gone through the screening process. Scheduling an in-person interview can take from several days to a week. This is necessary to save time for job seekers and recruitment managers.

Interviewing every applicant is a challenging and key step for most companies. A personal interview is a stage through which the employer and the candidate learn more about each other. This is where one can find the answers to all questions. Employers choose the main candidates here.

Some companies arrange follow-up interviews for finalists. This will be the final test to determine the winner. Candidates need to prove that they are the best among the competitors.

You may be asked to meet with senior management before being officially hired. This can be both an introductory meeting and an opportunity to ask a new employee additional questions and test their key skills.

Having passed all the previous stages, the candidate will receive the job offer. Due to bureaucracy and legal difficulties, this step can take a couple of days or weeks.

In the end, you will move on to the last step called “starting a new job.” At last, you will come the hard way along this timeline and get your dream job.

Final Words

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to land a job. But in the end, you just need to use all possible career resources and be fully engaged in the process. This is the only way you can be employed quickly.

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