3 Reasons Why White Shaker Cabinets Are Popular in America

Shaker cabinets, which were the most popular type of kitchen cabinets back in 1850, enjoy a lot of popularity even today. Americans love installing these cabinets in their kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

The religious shaker group that designed these cabinets was known for their devotedness to god and hard work. They invented shaker cabinets to be durable and simple.

White shaker cabinets- why are they so popular among Americans?

Interestingly, white shaker cabinets have been the choice of a lot of Americans for a number of decades now. They are a staple across many kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms in the US. You will see them in major TV shows as well.

They have been rising up the charts with time and experts believe that the same will continue to happen for many years to come. White shaker cabinets are a priority for many due to a lot of reasons. They are affordable, versatile, durable, and timeless. Not to mention, you can install them in numerous parts of a house.

1.     Versatility

White shaker cabinets are versatile, as well as universal. They can easily be incorporated with a variety of appliances and kitchen styles.

They are an easy option to personalize. While you can install them at a place of your choice, you can also easily personalize them. This is because they are simple which means you can pair them up with your preferred elements. For instance, you can choose either wooden or metallic knobs for your cabinets.

The white color also happens to be a universal tone that looks good in every room. Or if you do want to add some color to your kitchen or bathroom walls, you can select from a variety of hues. You do not need to worry about how a certain color will look with your white cabinets as they complement various shades. White cabinets can be dramatic or calming, depending on what color you choose for the walls.

2.     Durability

A lot of homemakers choose these cabinets for their durability and timelessness. The durability of any shaker cabinet cannot be ignored. But white shaker cabinets have proved to be more durable for their timeless look.

Trends keep changing as time passes, but white shaker cabinets, however, always remain in style. Even with people’s changing preferences, these kitchen cabinets can be adjusted with numerous other elements. For this reason, they do need to be taken out if you ever decide to change the look of your kitchen.

3.     Affordability

White shaker cabinets are budget friendly. If you want a clean, timeless kitchen without spending much, visit Walcraft Cabinetry.

If you decide to purchase white or off-white shaker cabinets online for your new kitchen, you end up saving money that you can spend on other kitchen appliances.

There are many benefits of these kitchen cabinets being cost effective. Look at it this way: the clean and timeless look itself is a big factor. The white shaker cabinets are cheaper than most kitchen cabinets and also go a long way. You only need to invest once in terms of kitchen or laundry room cabinets and they will be the foundation of the look for years.

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