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5 Essentials For Creating A Gallery Wall With Custom Prints 

Gallery walls with custom prints look pretty amazing as home interiors. Apart from being a major throwback to happy times, they act as an outstanding decoration.

When creating a gallery wall, not many people know what’s needed. Most of them get confused with the layouts, arrangements, frames, position, size, and many more. 

Fortunately, we are here to help you! If you consider these five essentials, we assure you of an aesthetic gallery wall.

#1 Theme of Gallery Wall

One of the major things about the gallery wall is its theme. Usually, when we decide to hang pictures, we often get confused on which ones to place and which ones to not. However, if you have already decided on a theme beforehand, it will be easier for you to select the photos.

For example, if you have returned from a mountain trip with family, theme it as per the same. You can also make a throwback theme with pictures ranging from your childhood to adulthood. 

As a tip, we would suggest you to decide the theme as per the interiors of your room. If you are creating a gallery in the living room and its interiors are nature-themed, opt for something similar. Collect all your adventurous photos to make a natural photo gallery.

#2 Photo Prints for Wall

Is there any way a gallery could look promising without high-quality pictures? Absolutely not! When getting your photos printed, we suggest you to reach professionals in the field. 

Make sure that they use top-notch ink and premium canvas to create custom photo prints for a gallery wall. As you will be getting multiple photo prints, check for the quality precisely.

Photo prints are like the essence of a gallery. If it gets spoiled by any means, you may end up with an unsatisfactory outcome. 

#3 Frames To Use 

After photo prints and themes, frames come next. While you could experiment with different frame designs, we believe the standard horizontal and square frames are pretty good. They go well with all kinds of canvas, and the border looks amazing.

You can select from numerous frame colors, including brown, black, white, etc. Framed pictures mirror your personality, creativity, and aesthetic sense. They also add a hint of adornment to your interiors.

#4 Location of gallery Wall

Make sure the room you select is perfect for a gallery. Fortunately, galleries could go anywhere. Be it a standard living room, kitchens, or balconies, the blend of finest pictures looks impressive everywhere!

#5 Layout

A gallery is incomplete without a perfect layout. The good thing is that you have multiple options for the same. Try any of the below layouts.

Symmetrical: Symmetrical layouts are where pictures are placed in straight and clean lines. These layouts provide a traditional outlook to the room. Make sure to hang the photos at an equal distance for a better appearance.

Top and Bottom Aligned: Top aligned layouts are where the pictures are arranged in a particular sequence at the top. This layout is an absolute head turner. The opposite of the top aligned layout is the Bottom aligned. 

Vertical or horizontal split: 

Vertical or horizontal splits are precisely balanced. It can expand on the top or Bottom with either a horizontal or vertical line as the initial point. 

Corner Picture Wall Layouts:

As the name signifies, these wall layouts work great for rooms with corners. Plus points, if it’s a small room. Say, if you have less space on a wall, curate the layout on the adjoining space.  

Summing Up 

That’s it. Keep these essentials in consideration, and you are good to go! Custom prints are currently in trend for their durable properties. Get your photos printed, and we are sure you won’t regret it.

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