Places to Visit in South Carolina

5 Top Places to Visit in South Carolina

Exhaustion is piling up, and boredom is now the new annoying neighbor. Need some time away from these two leeches? Let travel be your escapism.

If you’re planning to spend the summers or a weekend getaway traversing a beautiful and thrilling destination but are stuck in a problem deciding exactly where, we recommend picking South Carolina.

Bask under the sun on one of its many famous beaches, brush up on your US history, or let your hair down and relax near the countless scenic masterpieces that the state has to offer. It’s no wonder that South Carolina has been voted a tourist favorite.

There is so much to see that one trip isn’t enough to take in all its glory. Boredom, what’s that? We don’t think a word like that exists in the dictionary of South Carolinians.

Read on to find the 5 top places to visit there, where your pictures will surely be the envy back home.

  1. Myrtle Beach

You haven’t truly been to South Carolina if its famous landmark Myrtle Beach has not been marked on the map by you.

Beaches win hearts everywhere, but the Myrtle Beach of South Carolina has much more in store than the typical view of the cerulean sea and sunbaked sand. It boasts a shopping and entertainment center with delightful live music, hearty restaurants, and bustling markets that bring out the shopaholic in anyone.

Adding another feather to its cap, the Apache Pier is also there to give other competing beaches a run for their money. With fishing activities flourishing in the area, you can also flaunt your catch amongst them.

Myrtle Beach also hosts several dinner shows for tourists. Just Google “dinner shows Myrtle Beach” for a list of some of the most exciting dinner experiences to put on your itinerary.

  1. Brattonsville Historic District

As the name itself suggests, the District’s history has been preserved scrupulously to ensure that it feels like you’ve traveled centuries back in time when you step inside.

The colonial architecture and museums lining every nook and cranny of the area further accentuate that Brattonsville Historic District is a must-go for history aficionados.

Plays and theatre also offer an entertaining, bite-sized rendition of its history, so even reluctant visitors would find themselves quickly roped in its charm.

The history lesson isn’t just limited to the place’s buildings; animals also form a quirky part. The Heritage Farm Program has taken the responsibility of preserving and caring for rare breeds of farm animals.

Simply put, the District embraces its history, culture, and traditions in both letter and spirit.

  1. Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is another place to cross out of your bucket list when visiting South Carolina. Packing an exquisite and eclectic variety of activities, the Island has been voted #2 in the World by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

Any amount of praise does not seem to do it any justice, so we advise experiencing the majestic spot yourself to understand why.

The sports fanatics can find their calling swimming in the cool, tantalizing waters, getting a cardio kick in one of the biking trails, playing golf and tennis, or seeking an adrenaline boost from jet-skiing and other such fun things to do.

Meanwhile, if your love for nature and animals knows no bounds and is what compels you to visit the Island, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is just the place for you.

If a refreshing stroll along the shore is more of your jam, beachcombing for beautiful shells is also a popular activity.

However, that’s not to say the place is only meant for the outdoorsy. If you’d rather surround yourself with the comforting smell of books and an inveterate interest in art and history, the Gullah Museum and Heritage Library are at your service.

We say: forget Disneyland and jump on the bandwagon with many to explore Hilton Head Island instead.

  1. Charleston

Quaint, vibrantly painted houses, picturesque streets, and sprawling small-town vibes, the port city of Charleston are all of the above and more. Witness some stunning architectural marvels like the 4000m long, 174m high Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge towering over the Copper River, one of the longest cables bridges in the world.

If the Hilton Head Island wasn’t enough to satiate you, the gorgeous Morris and Sullivan Islands are too a sight for sore eyes.

Did you know that the Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor is widely cited as the place which began the American Civil War in 1861? We kid you not, while it is surprising to imagine that such a monumentally historic moment began in the seemingly innocuous city, as the tour guides here would tell you, it wasn’t the only one.

Charleston has occupied a significant and unforgettable portion of the history books in American history.

  1. Hunting State Island Park

The Congaree National Park and Ceasars Head State Park are amazing places to visit, but nothing tops the people’s popularity chart like the Hunting State Island Park. Known for its beautiful landscape lush with an incredible variety of flora and fauns, it is said to receive over a million visitors annually.

With over a hundred officially standardized campsites, lodges are comfortable, and the services are highly commendable. Due to raving word of mouth, the area receives a growing influx of tourists, who describe it as an out-of-body experience that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Enjoy a picnic with friends and family or take part in the numerous programs for fishing, touring, and wildlife observation the place endorses; you’ll leave this area singing its praises.

The Bottom Line

The tourist spots in South Carolina are so tempting that if we didn’t have other competing priorities, we’d pack our bags and book a ticket immediately. Lucky you, if you’ve already decided to travel there. Whilst there, don’t forget to visit Myrtle Beach, Brattonsville Historic District, Hilton Head Island, Charleston, and Hunting Island State Park for the best experience.

Hope you enjoyed the article and it proved helpful to you.

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