Apps to Install on MI TV Box in 2022

With the growing need for entertainment and people’s inclination toward smart apps and devices, the MI TV box is no longer an exception. Just connecting your television to this magic box will help you to view HDR quality content and crisp sound that feels realistic and thrilling.

MI TV Box is the newest addition to your television if you are using an old one. With so many features and things to appreciate, the MI TV box is the best device you can invest in to get a full dose of entertainment.

Before you start making full use of MI TV Box, you need to have fully functional and high-speed internet to start watching everything and anything without any delays. Moreover, if you are an avid streamer, you can’t compromise on speed at any part of the time. That is why you need to have Cox internet for your home to get yourself connected to stream everything without any buffering issues. Moreover, you can also talk to customer support for moving your service, upgrading your internet equipment, and so many more. Even if you are a Spanish speaker, you can talk to them in your language by contacting cox servicio al cliente 24 horas. All your queries and problems will be resolved within a few minutes, even if you contact them early in the morning or late at night.

It is now time to take a look at some of the best apps you can install on the MI TV box for all your entertainment and internet needs.


Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms to provide you best content you can ever imagine. The pioneer in streaming service, Netflix has a lot more to offer when it comes to binge-watchers, movie addicts, and documentary freaks. With three plans to choose from, the Netflix premium plan offers you 4k resolution videos.

If you have a MI TV Box, make sure not to miss installing Netflix on the device. You can even download content for offline viewing and watch it in your free time when there is any kind of internet speed issue or outage problem in your area.

YouTube TV

In this era of technology, there are unlimited options available to get yourself entertained. If you are a cord cutter and want to watch live channels as well such as sports, food, or news, you can install YouTube TV without thinking further. For cord-cutters, it is a blessing that does not require any equipment or long-term commitment.

YouTube TV has been an optimal choice for those who don’t want any surprise or hidden charges. YouTube TV is not just an ordinary streaming platform but has a unique perk that attracts a large number of people to it. For instance, if you are away from your home and can’t watch your favorite show, you can use a DVR recording to record it and watch it anytime within nine months. After that content will be deleted.

VLC Media Player

Having loads of movies, TV series, documentaries, and recordings on your external hard drive or USB drive will provide you entertainment when you don’t have an internet connection. Moreover, some of your TV series and movies might not be available on Netflix, which may lead to either downloading them from somewhere else or renting them out from Amazon.

But when it comes to watching those series and movies, you need to have a media player that could run all of your favorite shows and movies. VLC Media Player is open-source software that you can install on your MI TV Box to view everything you want to view. All you need to do is insert your UBS or hard drive in your MI TV box and lie down in your bed comfortably watching TV.


When it comes to watching sports channel without a cable TV subscription, you can simply install fuboTV to help you watch every sporting action going on. Without paying a hefty cable fee, you will be able to watch everything from basketball to baseball and other content such as movies, TV series, and documentaries.

fuboTV offers the best plans and packages to keep sports fans and other entertainment seekers glued to the screen. If you are one of those, you can rely on fuboTV without giving it a second thought.

File Explorer

Sometimes you need to view, manage, copy, delete, or move files from one storage to another. If you are using an MI TV Box device, you also need to have a file explorer so that you can arrange and organize all your files without doing much. All of your files can be viewed in one place where you can copy, cut, and paste your desired files and folders in a place you want.

Make sure not to miss this application as it helps in managing and organizing your data in a convenient way.

Summing Up

When it comes to MI TV Box, you can literally install thousands of apps to get the entertainment you deserve. Some of the apps are built-in while others you need to install separately. You can even screen-cast your mobile to television and watch or view everything on your device including pictures and videos.

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