5 Ways Mobile Pallet Racking Can Change the Way You Do Storage

5 Ways Mobile Pallet Racking Can Change the Way You Do Storage

No matter what industry you are in, how you store your inventory is directly connected to the ability of your company to make profits. That’s why warehousing giants like Amazon invest billions of dollars every year trying to optimize their storage facilities to ensure that all inventory is mobile, accessible, and takes up as little space as possible.

When it comes to your bottom line, every square foot of warehouse space counts. That’s where mobile pallet racking comes in. This form of pallet racking is a new storage innovation that will save you space, stress, and cash. Read on to find out exactly what you need to know about used pallet racking.

  1. Denser Storage 

If you have a large amount of inventory but a limited amount of storage space, density is key. This is why you should start looking for pallet racking for sale in order to implement a functional mobile pallet racking system. Mobile pallet racking allows you to make use of every cubic inch of space. You can seamlessly stack all of your inventory in a smart manner, making the most efficient use of the space that you have.

  1. Mobile Pallet Racking is Versatile

Another key use of mobile pallet rack beams is that they can be integrated seamlessly into your existing storage system. Mobile pallet racks are mounting on rolling carriages that are designed to move along tracks. This can easily be installed in your warehouse and across your existing shelving. By consulting a mobile pallet racking expert, you can implement this simpler and more cost-effective storage solution overnight.

  1. Save On Floor Space

Mobile pallet racks allow you to maximize your existing floor space. In order to access inventory, only one aisle in your warehouse needs to be open at a time. There is no need for standard aisle lengths and there is no longer a need to waste valuable floor space with massive aisles. More floor spaces mean more space for storage and more space for inventory.

  1. Accessible 

Mobile pallet racking can be achieved via a manual or an electronic system. With the electronic system, you can simply use a control panel or even a tablet app to choose which shelves you want to move and where. This means that your entire warehouse is instantly accessible to all of your employees. The efficiency gains that this can offer are hard to overstate.

  1. No Special Equipment Needed

You do not need any fancy pallet rack accessories, nor do you need any specialized loading or packing equipment. With mobile pallet racks, a standard forklift is often the only thing you need to get the job done. This means that you do not need to spend huge amounts of money on fancy inventory management. Instead, you can invest your money into your growing business.

More Hacks for Better Business Practice 

Understanding the benefits of mobile pallet racking can help you make more financially prudent business choices. For more essential business hacks, we have got you covered. Simply head over to our regularly updated Business section to learn more.

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