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6 Cost Friendly Ways to Plan A Birthday Party

Birthdays are a very special occasion and are surely a call that has to be celebrated. Throwing a birthday party is a very thoughtful thing a person can do for a loved one. The surprise and happiness on their face are definitely worth all the time, and effort one puts into it.

If you are planning to set up the place, you can check out balloon decorations in Delhi and find cost-effective decorators that will make the special day beautiful. Checking with the bakers for the cake and many other responsibilities for the evening is essential. If you are planning a birthday for your special one, there are ways you can make sure that they’ll have a great day even if you are on a budget.

Setting up a place to surprise the person and bringing all the enclosed ones together, and looking at them being happy is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

Although it is the thought that counts, wanting to pull off a birthday party comes with a lot of other challenges along with it.

Birthday parties come with a bill and will cost you an amount.  A birthday party includes decor, food, cake, gifts and props. If not planned properly, it might burn a hole in your pocket. It is also a responsibility to arrange everything and check with the vendors and bakers to outsource the things needed.

Here are 6 Tips to Plan a Birthday on a Budget

Pitch in with Responsibility

A birthday party can have a lot of costs included. If you are running short on cash, you can take care of it in-house as much as possible. Instead of paying the caterers, you can have a potluck where all your friends bring food from their house.


If you find balloon decorations in Delhi, you can do DIY decor or check out affordable balloon decorations in Delhi. You can do a lot of things by yourself, and this will save a lot of money. You can make decor items such as pom poms or ribbons and use them for backdrops. You can check online for easy and quick decor ideas.

Create personalized email or WhatsApp invites. This can avoid printing costs and will also be a sustainable option to go with. You can also include a lot of handmade gifts. Put your thoughts to make the birthday guy or girl feel special and make a gift that will be close to their heart.

Plan a House Party

Planning a house party cuts the cost of the venue. Instead of renting a banquet hall, you can make it more personal. Decorating the house and making it look party-ready can save you thousands for the evening.

Check-in with a friend, or you can also look for options such as a farmhouse that will be more personal so that you can celebrate a special day with the closed ones.

Split the Bill

If you are planning a surprise party as a group, instead of delegating separate costs, you can split the total cost at the end. This will ensure that everyone contributes equally, and there will be no compromise on the quality of the party. You can ask a person to handle the bill, and in the end, everyone can pay their share to that person.

Avoid Mealtime Parties.

Having dinner parties can add up to your bill. This adds additional responsibility where you have to spend for dinner. Planning a party after lunch can cut down on meals. Arrange some snacks and keep the menu lite for the guests. You can include staples like chips and biscuits for quick bites and lemonade for a drink.

Don’t try to do it all.

If you are planning a party on a budget, it is not possible to do it all. Avoid setting your expectations too high that you will not be satisfied with what you can. Despite being on a budget, there is a countless possibility that you can pull off to make the party special. Remember that you are on a budget and keep the expenses in a check and avoid the urge to splurge.

Parties are all about creating memories with loved ones and making the person you care for feel deeply special. Always remember with hearts connected, it is given that everyone will have a great time, and no budget can constrain the moments you spend together.

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