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7 Best Food in Dubai to Suit Every Taste and Budget

Dubai is a place of luxury and extravagance. Everything in the city of gold from clothes to cars seems to be made by designers and is of high class. If everything is fantastic in Dubai, then how food could be far behind. The city is full of fabulous restaurants with astonishing prices to match with. You can find the best food there with the experience of finger-licking taste. However, several restaurants are inexpensive and budget-friendly to you.

As tourists and visitors visit Dubai from all over the world, you can easily find any Indian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, or any other international restaurant there. This city offers you both traditional and modern cuisine with incredible taste. But the best thing to try in the UAE is their local food. These local and Emirati restaurants offer you delicious food from bread and pastries to Arabic Coffee and Camel burgers. These local dishes are also available on different food street stalls and affordable restaurants.

Some of the best dishes that suit every taste and budget in Dubai are given below. Also, for a convenient trip, contact any Rent a car Dubai  company to book the car according to your budget.

1- Manousheh Pizza of Dubai

If you are looking for Dubai specialties, Manousheh the local pizza of Dubai is the best choice for you. It stands to be a perfect pick for your amazing breakfast. This pizza is stretched dough or flatbread, which is filled with delicious toppings like earthy zaatar herbs, olive oil, and salty Akkawi cheese. This pizza is considered one of the best street foods in Dubai that is available to you for 750 INR and more. It would be tried with sweet jam, minced lamb, creamy sour labneh, and eggs.

2- Margoogat

Margoogat is commonly a meaty dish, which is famous equally in both locals and visitors. This dish is a tomato-based stew, that is cooked with cumin, turmeric, and bezar. Bezar is the local garam masala-type spices mixture used to add the flavor of food. It is made with chicken or lamb, in some places with baby marrow and potato. You can easily find different variations across the city, but the chicken-based margoogat dish at Aseelah in the Radisson Blu Hotel is something you should never miss.

3- Shawarma Famous Street Food Item

Shawarma is delicious food that nobody denies to want and eat. In the list of some famous foods of Dubai, Shawarma is one of those food items that are popular across the globe. If you are in the city of gold and want to explore some delicious street food then you should certainly go for different Shawarma outlets including Ikea Bistro, Al Mallah, Shawarma Twist, and Doors Freestyle Grill. You can also try fish shawarma which is also best in taste.

4- Samboosa

It is a dish with a twist in the UAE which basically hails from across the Arabian Sea, in India. Samboosa is very common in Dubai as you can see this dish while wandering in the streets of Dubai. It is a hot pastry appetizer that is influenced by different flavors and techniques. These are filled from inside with meat, vegetables, and spices, but the most famous local version is made up of three different types of cheese.

5- Chelo Kebab

Wandering for the best food in Dubai? Must head towards Chelo Kebab. It is a heavenly taste dish that is aromatic with saffron-scented basmati rice. Chelo Kebab is served with a pat of butter or kebabs. It is one of the famous and mouth-watering dishes of Dubai. It is unique in its taste and must try with sour zereshk berries or fragrant dill. The price of Chelo Kebab ranges from 500 and onwards.

6- Arabic Coffee and Dates

Arabic coffee is considered a national drink of the United Arab Emirates that is offered almost everywhere in the country. It is famous from governmental buildings to hotel foyers and at general tea stalls and cafes. But for trying the best one, you can head over to Cafe Bateel and try their Bateel signature qahwa. It is a traditional Arabic Coffee of Dubai made with slightly roasted beans and cardamom and then served with original local dates.

7- Luqaimat

It is the most popular and common desert during the holy month of Ramadan. Luqaimat is similar to donuts in taste and texture. These are small deep-fried dumplings that are made up of butter, sugar, flour, milk, cardamom, and saffron. Once you eat Luqaimat, you will certainly fall in love with them. These are served with sticky date sauce and topped with sesame seeds which make them more delightful.


Some of the delicious foods of Dubai are mentioned here. Whenever you are in Dubai, you must dine at Dubai Cuisine. It will give you an amazing experience of taste, hospitality, and professionalism along with a budget-friendly option that will not be so easy for you to forget.

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