Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

7 Cool New Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

Some may argue that coffee is a classic beverage you never grow tired of. It’s true—you may have a few kinds of coffee you love, and you’re content with that.

However, wouldn’t it be nice to switch things up once in a while? Check out the guides from Coffee Prices for the plenty of things you can do with coffee to keep yourself entertained as well as happy.

So, grab your favorite coffee beverage (ours is without a doubt Kona coffee) and use these creative new ways to enjoy your coffee. They’re bound to give you plenty of inspiration!

1. A Hot Coffea Bracteata

If you want to impress your dinner party guests, serve them a hot coffee bracteata.

To make it, first, get a large pink ginger root. Then, cut the large ginger root in half and then cut the top 5/8 of an inch off of it. Next, locate your coffee beans and put them on the surface of the ginger root.

Next, put your beans and ginger root in a pot and fill it with hot water. Cover the pot and allow it to steep for 30 minutes. Once it has cooled, serve the coffee to your guests.

A hot coffee bracteata is a fun, new way to experience coffee like ever before. Your friends will want to learn how to make it for themselves at home!

2. Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Cold-brewed iced coffee is a great way to enjoy your morning beverage. Plus, it helps you beat the heat during those hot summer months!

To make this beverage:

  1. Place two cups of coarsely ground coffee in a plastic container or jar.
  2. Pour over two quarts of cold water.
  3. Let the coffee sit overnight.

The next day, strain out the grounds with a pour-through strainer. Finally, you should store the coffee in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks.

That way, you’ll have cold-brewed iced coffee ready for you on a hot day!

3. Sugar-Free Coffee

There are many ways to enjoy coffee without adding any sugar to the drink. Adding too much sugar isn’t healthy, even if it makes your coffee taste better.

Try serving your beverage with a few splashes of seltzer water or even sparkling water if you prefer.

You can also try using honey, maple syrup, or stevia in place of sugar. Or, a sweetener like an agave nectar or vanilla extract may do the trick.

These alternatives will add some much-needed flavor to your drink. Better yet, you can forgo all that extra sugar your body doesn’t need.

4. Coffee Ice Cubes

Make your iced coffee a little more exciting by adding coffee-flavored ice cubes to it.

Take instant coffee and mix it with sparkling water to make coffee ice cubes. Your mixture will create a powder that you can freeze and use later.

Adding coffee ice cubes will give another coffee drink more flavor! For example, if you want to take your cold brew up a notch, coffee ice cubes may do the trick!

5. Hot Coffee Drinks

There are plenty of mocktail recipes that you can make by adding coffee to them. For example, try a horchata, coffee frappe, or latte. If you want to make non-alcoholic drinks, there are recipes for that as well.

You can even mix fruit and coffee using specific recipes. A few mixtures to try are blackberry java mojito or cherry java frappe.

The possibilities are endless!

6. Espresso Shots

Espresso shots also work great to add to different drinks.

Try iced espresso and coffee frappe for a delicious drink on a hot day. Or, combine a coffee shot with some sparkling water to make an iced coffee frappe.

Choose your favorite beverage to go with a shot. If you’re looking for an added coffee boost, this is the way to do it!

7. Spices

If you like a kick in your drink, try adding some spices to it. For example, you can use cloves to make a java chai latte. Or, you can even sprinkle in some cumin and salt for a horchata.

Make sure that you use spices that are safe for consumption. You don’t want to get sick, so be careful!

Bonus: French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee is a little bit different from other types of coffee. The reason why it’s different is that you add hot water after grinding and brewing your coffee. This coffee-making technique allows the beans to go through a lengthier brewing process. The results are pretty incredible, though. You get to enjoy a more robust and richer flavor!

Additionally, French press coffee is healthier than other methods of brewing. It’s better because the water does not sit on top of the coffee as long as it would with drip pots.

Tip: The most significant advantage to using French press coffee is that you can customize it to your liking. Taylor Lane offers advice on the subject.


In conclusion, there are several ways to enjoy coffee, no matter how you want it! Try one of these seven new ways to add some flavor throughout the day!

You’ll be glad you took the time to experiment and have some fun with your coffee. Before you know it, you’ll have many go-to ways to improve your coffee whenever you feel like it.

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