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7 Important Reasons You Need to Start Storing Your Weed Properly Today

The legalization of marijuana has brought up a lot of questions for people who have never smoked weed before. One big question is how to store it properly. If you’re a weed smoker, then chances are you store your stash properly.

But many people don’t know the benefits of proper stashing and may not have any idea how to do it right. There are many reasons why storing weed properly is essential. Weed doesn’t come cheap, and to ensure you’re protecting your money, you need to store it properly.

So, you should keep your weed in pristine condition to not only save money but also make sure that each high is as potent as the first. Here’s why storing your weed properly is essential:

Prevents contamination

If you’re storing your weed in a container that isn’t airtight or is not sealed, then it may be susceptible to contamination from other substances. This means that if any of the following items come into contact with your pot: something moist and wet like water, something sticky like honey, or anything else with high moisture content, then mold may grow on your weed.

Quality weed storage protects your stash from such risks and ensures its safe to use. Contamination can be dangerous for your health if, for instance, your weed has come into contact with any type of insecticide, you could be at risk for health complications.

Maintains its potency

If your weed isn’t stored properly there’s a good chance that its potency will decrease over time, and, eventually, the weed won’t be worth smoking at all. Weed can lose its potency in just six months or less if not kept sealed tight and away from heat sources.

Weed low in potency can also taste different, and it’s not as satisfying to smoke. Properly stored weed can last for a year or more with only minor losses of potency in that time period, but the key is to store it properly when you buy it, so your stash stays potent long after purchase.

Helps keep it away from pets and children

Weed can be harmful to animals such as cats and dogs if they accidentally chew on it, so keep your weed in a safe place where pets can’t get to it.

It’s also tempting for children to want to smoke or eat the tasty treats that their parents store away from them, but be mindful of what you put out there. Marijuana has been proven to be harmful to adolescents, so keep it away from them. It can impair their brain development, cause addiction, and lead to harder drugs.

Marijuana laws everywhere are different; it’s illegal under federal law, and states like Colorado have legalized weed only for adults over the age of 21. So, you need to make sure that your stash is out of reach from children.

Preserves its freshness

Fresh weed gives the best high, so you need to ensure you’re storing it properly. One way to keep weed fresh is by storing it in vacuum-sealed bags or containers with an airtight seal.

This prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the buds, which will cause them to dry out and lose their potency much faster than if they are stored in a container that has plenty of ventilation. This way, you will keep the fresh aroma and flavor of your buds intact instead of letting them be tainted by other smells or tastes that might not agree with you as much.

Protects it from heat and light

Exposing weed to too much light or heat will cause the THC content of your pot plants to evaporate, causing you to lose potency. Light also damages cannabis sterols responsible for protecting it against oxygen-induced degradation, so when exposed to UV rays, the weed will age more quickly. You need to ensure you’re protecting your weed from heat and light by storing it properly.

Refrigerating weed is a popular option for keeping it fresh and away from light. But, you need to make sure that the fridge doesn’t get too cold or freeze your pot plants, as this will also cause the THC content of your pot plants to evaporate.

Last but not least, to protect it from heat and light combined with humidity, you can store your cannabis in an airtight container that is opaque or dark-colored rather than clear so no light reaches it while also preventing it from coming into contact with oxygen-rich environments like cabinets which would speed up its degradation process.

Protects it from mold

Mold can grow on your weed if you store it in an area that is too moist or humid. This will also affect the THC content of your pot plants, but not before they have been contaminated by mold spores that are bad to smoke because they hurt the lungs and cause other health problems.

To prevent mold from growing on your weed, you should store it in an area that is not too moist or humid. One option to avoid mold and other damaging substances from getting on your weed would be using a sealable, airtight container like Tupperware.

Keeps pests away

Bugs, rodents, and insects are attracted to weed, and if they eat it, you can be sure that your stash will soon disappear. Bugs, in particular, may carry parasites or bacteria which are harmful to humans. Therefore, you need to protect yourself and your weed from them and keep it away in a place that is inaccessible to pests.

Additionally, these pests can wreak havoc on your stash. For instance, any rodents looking for food will chew through anything to get it, and if they come across a bag of weed, you can be sure that their teeth marks won’t do much good for the quality or smell of what’s inside.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you some great insights into the importance of storing your weed correctly. Weed is a delicate flower, so it needs to be stored in the right conditions. In addition, it’s essential to take care of your stash so that it lasts as long as possible without losing potency or flavor.

Ensure that you store your weed correctly and keep an eye on it; if you do that, it should stay fresh for a long time. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your pot lasts as long as possible. After all, you should be able to enjoy your stash without any hassle!

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