Attractions To Explore In Hobart

9 Best Attractions To Explore In Hobart

Hobart is an amazing tourist destination in the state of Tasmania. Almost 2 million people visit the city each year to experience the brilliant spots it has to offer.

Here are the best attractions in Hobart that will make your trip a great one:

  1. Summit of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is generally dusted in snow even during the summers. It is about 1270 meters high and towers over the city of Hobart like a giant. You can reach the summit via a 21-km wide mountain road that cuts through the temperate wilderness.

There is an observation center at the peak where you can look at old pictures and treat your eyes with the breathtaking views of the sea, the city, and the wilderness.

If you’re up for some adventure, you can visit the Organ Pipes which is a cliff of dolerite columns and is extremely popular for rock climbing. You can also get a mountain bike and enjoy the views while cycling.

  1. Salamanca Place & Salamanca Market

For those who love heritage and history, the sandstone buildings of Salamanca Place built between 1835-1860 will be paradise. The area is full of antique dealers, restaurants, and charming cafes that make the tour more fun.

You can visit the Salamanca Arts Centre that houses galleries, artist studios, and performing art venues. The best thing to do here is to visit the Saturday Salamanca Markets. You’ll find everything from fresh produce to handcrafted wood sold in the market by more than 300 vendors.

  1. Port Arthur Day Trip

Port Arthur is located at a beautiful location on the tip of the Tasman Peninsula. The beauty of the place is in stark contrast with its history – it was a prison for the most notorious of criminals where they were sentenced to immense labor.

It lies just 95 kilometers to the south of Hobart. You can visit the hospital, the sandstone church and several other places inside. The lantern-lit ghost tours that take place at night are extremely popular as well. Once you’ve spent enough time here, the Tasman National Park is closeby.

  1. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The beautiful Botanical Gardens offer an amazing view of the Derwent River and the flowers and trees merge together to offer a brilliant spectrum of colors. They house a mix of native and exotic plants. The gardens are especially beautiful in the fall season. On top of that, they are absolutely free to visit.

  1. Visit Bruny Island

Bruny Island is just a 35-minute drive away from the main city of Hobart. Along with enjoying great views of the sea and catching a glimpse of creatures like the fur seals, you’ll want to taste the food the place has to offer. It is known for its brilliant handmade chocolates and artisan cheeses. You can also enjoy an eco-cruise around the island.

  1. North Hobart’s Restaurant Strip

A short stroll from the city centre of Hobart will take you to the restaurant strip in North Hobart. In this small restaurant strip, your taste buds will be able to travel the entire world with all sorts of cuisines being offered. You can spend an entire day here trying out different cuisines and learning about the history of the city.

  1. Tasman Bridge

The bridge is one of Hobart’s most popular landmarks. The bridge is over the Derwent River and has dedicated paths made for people to stroll while enjoying the view of the river and the city.

  1. St. David’s Cathedral

Away from the bustling city, St. Davids Cathedral offers a spot of tranquility. You can admire the beautiful architecture of this place and enjoy the view of the square tower of Oatlands Stone while you’re here.

  1. Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal is an architectural masterpiece designed by John Lee. It is the oldest theater in Australia and has a beautiful multi-tiered interior. You can simply visit this place but if you wish to truly enjoy its essence, make sure to attend a performance.

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To make the most of your time in Hobart, look for Hobart escorts for some company during your visit. The amazing city of Hobart has a lot to offer to all tourists. Pay a visit to all of the places mentioned above and it will surely become your best trip.

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