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Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips – What Home Owners Should Do To Maintain Their Lawns?

Do you have a fake grass lawn outdoors or indoors? It needs proper maintenance. This improves its life span. They do not damage easily. These are expensive options.

You cannot grow back a damaged fake grass lawn. Always take proper care. You can search for fake grass in NZ maintenance tips. There are simple to follow fake grass maintenance tips mentioned here by expert homeowners.

Maintenance tips are essential to remove stains and treat the grass for its natural colour and texture. Using harsh cleaning agents will damage the fibre quality.

If the stains are mild

Not all types of stains are stubborn. Some may only need gentle cleaning. If stains are mild you can treat them with a mild solution. These are the types of stains that develop by accidental spills of alcohol, coffee or urine.

Do not leave the spills for the next day clean it immediately with water. Avoid using hot water. Mild ammonia solution is right choice for cleaning.

Stubborn stains

Some stains may never be easy to treat. These are the curry stains. Ink and oil stains are also never easy to treat. You may have to use a quality spirit solution. Mineral spirit is the best solution for tough stains. Whatever you use, ensure it is not harsh.

Do not leave the spirit solution on the grass for a longer time. It could easily damage the fibre. Clean the spirit with lukewarm water immediately.

Sticky stains

Some gel products may fall accidentally on the fake grass carpet. This is when you have to act immediately. The gel should not be left overnight on the grass. Even if it is chewing gum, you have to treat it immediately.

If it is not easy to treat, then you may have to discard a portion of the fake grass carpet. This is a costly option.

Pet waste

Most homes have pets today. Pet will always love playing on the grass lawn. But you have to take all possible precautions. For real grass, there is no issue as it will grow back again. Artificial grass will never grow back again if damaged.

Pets will often damage the grass. Before you can clean the grass for solid waste, always ensure it is well dried. You can wash the grass lawn using a pressure water cleaning nozzle. You can get started on your own.

Regular cleaning

The lawn has to be cleaned every week. This will ensure you get to use it for ten or more years. If you take proper care, you will also enjoy a clean fake grass carpet on your lawn. Your kids will love playing on it.

For your friends and family members, the grass lawn will always be more welcoming. You can also hire expert services for this task.

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