Beginners Guide For Building A Home Bar

Given the months of lockdowns and restrictions everyone has faced, many people across the world have been considering bringing the party to their homes instead of heading out to pay to access it. That doesn’t mean setting up a pay-to-enter dance floor in your suburban area – it means creating a home bar that you can welcome your friends to on any day of the week. Here’s how you’ll build that bar, with tips for beginners to set up their perfect spot for a drink with friends.

The Room

Your first concern is deciding which room to situate your bar in. Ideally, you’ll detach it from the main hub or your home a little to prevent noise from annoying the rest of your family. However, this will also give the bar a sense of its own space and continuity. A garage is perfect, so long as you’re able to insulate and heat it in the winter months – otherwise, you’ll not be needing any ice in those drinks that you’ll be making up for guests.

The Bar

Naturally, the most important feature of any home bar is the bar. You’ll want a horizontal surface from which you can pour and serve drinks to your guests, just like the bars across town. But you won’t have a great deal of space, so you’ll need to be creative about how large your bar is and where you situate it in your room. Most people tend to prefer a corner bar, which is efficient in space while offering a little section for you to stand behind while you fix drinks for your guests. These can be found online for cheap – or you can make your own out of wood.


No bar is complete without a game or two. As well as fixing a television so that you can watch major events and sports fixtures, you should also consider those bar staples – the tabletop games that you and your friends enjoy. Or, to save space in smaller home bars, you should consider an electric darts board, which you can hang on a wall. Find the Best Electronic Dart Board right Here! They come in all sizes and with different features so that you can choose the board that’ll suit the home bar that you’re diligently building for your family and friends.


A bar is only as beguiling as the interior decorations that it chooses to hang and display. Your local sports bar will be heavy on sporting memorabilia, with jerseys, balls, and signed products all over the walls. Your local hunting bar will have pictures from shoots in the past and the heads of stags, while your local classy bar will have low lighting and plush furniture, with brass shining in the lights of candles. Whichever atmosphere you’re looking to create, it’s important that you invest in these products to give your bar a feel of real authenticity.

Building a home bar means writing a love letter to your favorite bars across the world – and these tips will help you get started, producing the home bar of your dreams.

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