human hair wigs for black females

Best human hair wigs for black females

Hair has a strange relationship with black women.

On the one hand, the ability of coiler textures to extend towards the skies was once thought to be a sign of great rank and divine proximity. Despite the widespread influence of the second wave natural hair movement, the texture caste system we were forced to adapt to during the colonial era — where straight hair is considered as “good” and tighter coils are seen as “evil” — still exists today. When it comes to wearing wigs, there are various analogies.

Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka, a hair historian and director of psychology at the University of the District of Columbia, claims that black women’s ties with wigs date back to ancient Egypt. “According to a lot of research, wigs were supposed to signify social standing in this culture. Many royal families wore elaborate wigs adorned with gold, lace, and other adornments to demonstrate their nobility.”

Curly to coily styles would be common, and some would even be braided or in locs.

The upper class would also choose to shave their natural hair off so that they could only wear hair when they wanted, which was a great luxury given the oppressive heat of the time.

Another fascinating truth is that some ancient Egyptian queens wore wigs on their chins in addition to their heads. Dr. Mbilishaka explains, “Queen Hatshepsut was famed for her amazing accomplishments as a pharaoh, but she would really wear a beard wig to symbolise her status.”

Ancient Egyptian royals had their wigs cared for by others, who used essential oils to condition the hair, and they were even mummified and buried with the pieces on their heads.

However, the use of wigs to represent royalty or individuals of high status at this time is in sharp contrast to why Black women in the United States donned them during desegregation in the 1960s.

Comelyhairs is one of the biggest and brightest companies when it comes to wigs. This company exceeds its limits in providing a range of products to its customers who have different demands.

Some of the main types of wigs they sell as are follows:

1. HD wigs

“High definition” is the abbreviation for “high definition.” When applied to the scalp, HD lace is a royal lace material that was previously known as Swiss lace and is completely undetectable. This allows the wearer of the wig to have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and hides the lace along the hairline. A good HD lace wig can last for up to a year. If you take excellent care of your HD lace wigs, you can wear them for a long period. If you want your wig to last longer and give you more bang for your buck, you must take care of it.

2. Transparent wigs

A transparent lace front wig with 3 or 4 human hair bundles stitched in a lace frontal. It employs an undetectable and invisible transparent lace. As a result, it may be used on any skin type and looks quite natural. There is still a light brown lace for human hair wigs, but the lace wigs’ talents have increased. The emergence of a transparent lace frontal makes it more convenient for people to make wigs. 13×4 transparent lace frontal and 13×6 transparent lace frontal are the two types available. The lace width varies, therefore choose a 13×6 lace frontal if you wish to part your wig for a lengthy pre-plucked hairline.

3. Bundles and closures

The term “bundle” is used to describe virgin hair since the hair is bundled together after being taken from a donor and sewed onto a weft. As a result, we used to refer to it as a Hair Bundle or Hair Weave. A closure is a little hairpiece or top unit that you can buy ready-to-wear or tailor to fit your needs. Closures and frontals are hair pieces that blend in with your skin and give the impression that your natural hair is growing from your scalp rather than a wig or weave. You may change up your look while keeping all of your natural hair safe from heat and styling manipulation.

4. Highlight wigs

Highlights are simply sections of hair that are lighter in colour than the rest of your hair. Brown hair with blonde highlights, black hair with brown highlights, lace front wigs with brown highlights, bob wigs with brown highlights, curly wigs with brown highlights, highlight wigs with headbands, black wigs with red/pink/green highlights, and more.

5. 13X4 wigs

A 13×4 lace front wig has lace that stretches 13 inches in front of the wig to cover the entire hairline, as well as a 4-inch-deep part. The rest of the wig is typically made up of tracks sewed to a cap. A 13×6″ lace front, on the other hand, has a 6-inch-deep section despite the fact that the lace reaches 13 inches in the front as well. Simply put, a 13×6″ lace front wig will have an additional 2 inches of lace parting space.

The company has a large variety of products for women of all ages. The website is regularly updated with sales and other information. There is an option for free shipping and return policies. Customer reviews are genuine and openly disclosed. One will not be disappointed buying from Comelyhairs.

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