Best Nintendo 64 ROMs for PC

Best Nintendo 64 ROMs to Download for PC

With simple graphics yet immersive plots the Nintendo 64 brought us many awesome games that still stick to our memory. So much so that we still want them on our sophisticated PC setups. That is why we are here with the best Nintendo 64 ROMs for PC that you can download right now.

This console was released in 1996 and initially came with the titles like Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64. Soon it made a strong position for itself and the Times Magazine called it the machine of the years.

It kept a solid position for itself until the successor GameCube replaced it in 2002. So in this article, we will introduce to you the best ROMs from this console that you can get for your Windows PC and enjoy a journey back in time.

In addition to these titles, you can explore countless more just by visiting  and going through the free catalog of various ROMs at any time. Read the full article and you will have an arsenal for a long time ahead on your PC.

Mario Kart 64

Successor to the Super Mario Kart, it was released back in 1996. Here you have to race around various tracks built into the gameplay. Surrounded by items that can either help you or harm the opponent it is a thrill from the start to the end.

With the multiplayer option, the gameplay is 3D with the characters in 2D. Choose between the four different modes including Time Trial, Grand Prix, Battle, and Versus, you can choose between single or multiplayer options and have some fun.

Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is the fifth game in the series and was introduced to the console in 1998 and first with the 3D graphics. Set in an expansive environment, it is an action-adventure game.

Here you have to fight with swords and carry a shield as well as can use projectiles, magic spells, and bombs to survive and obliterate the enemies. Collect items as you move forward in the gameplay and gain new powers and abilities.

Impressive graphics and an immersive environment make the Ocarina of Time a must-play on Windows devices for the fans of the Nintendo 64 Console.

Super Smash Bros.

This is a crossover fighting game introduced to the console in 1999. Thus here you will see Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Yoshi, Star Fox, Metroid, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Pokémon, Kirby, and Mother in this crossover of multiple Nintendo franchises.

Thus here are characters and locations from all these franchises and lets the gamers use them and their unique skills and the hazards in the play to cause damage and recover health, beat the opponents to submission, and throw them off the stage. This makes the title one of the best Nintendo 64 ROMs to download for PC.

Pokémon Stadium 2

In the list, this is a strategy game for your PC all the way from Nintendo. Featuring all the two hundred and fifty-one Pokémon from the first as well as second generations of the franchise the title was released in 2000.

Most of the gameplay happens inside White City, a fictional location home to all the battling, researching, organizing, and playing with Pokémon. There is no storyline in this title and you can jump from one level to other by winning trophies in the arena. So one of the best Nintendo 64 ROMS for PC that you can check out.

GoldenEye 007

Based on the famous film carried in the name, this is a first-person shooter game. A single-player campaign where the player has to lead as the James Bond heading the Secret Service. Here you have to move up the levels preventing a syndicate from using a weapon that could bring a financial meltdown across the globe.

It has a multiplayer mode as well, where you can compete against three other contenders in a split-screen. Here you have to achieve a set of objectives at each level. Which may be recovering an item or destroying an object, rescuing hostages, and defeating enemies.

With the option to use over twenty types of weapons you can play each level with three different settings where the difficulty levels vary. These include Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent.

 Image of Best Nintendo 64 ROMs for PC

Perfect Dark

This is another first-person shooter game all the way from your favorite console from the year 2000. This is about an agent from Carrington Research Institute named Joanna Dark.

Here you have to take her around in the gameplay and prevent an extraterrestrial conspiracy hatched by the rival institute named dataDyne. Here you have to complete a series of levels to move through the story.

You can also opt for multiplayer mode, a co-operative mode, and the deathmatch where you are up against computer-controlled bots. As you move through the plot, the enemies will attempt to get your life by attacking you all the way.

Use shields to protect yourself and progress through the storyline to achieve your objectives. An immersive title that you would enjoy playing via ROMs on your PC for sure.


So these are some of the best Nintendo 64 ROMs for PC that you can download and enjoy on your Windows machine. With good graphics and interesting gameplay, you will enjoy these games from start to end. Tell us, which is your favorite from this old machine, in the comments is below.

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