Do I Need to Use a Shredding Company? The Pros and Cons of Working With One

If you are looking for a way to dispose of old files, then there are many different options that you can choose from. You could take them home and shred them yourself with a paper cutter or use an industrial-sized paper shredder. However, these options might not be the best if you have sensitive information on your documents that needs to be securely disposed of. In this blog post, we will discuss whether it is worth using a shredding company to dispose of your sensitive paperwork or if it would be better to do it yourself at home.

Pros of working with a shredding company:

Easy to get rid of paper: It isn’t easy to find a home paper shredder that will fit all of your documents and handle different security levels. When you work with a professional shredding company, they usually have the proper equipment to dispose of sensitive information professionally.

Less dangerous: Taking care of shredded papers at home could be more complicated than you realize. Many accidents happen around the house every year involving small children and paper cutting machines. If this happens around your family or friends, it might cause legal issues for them since they were negligent in allowing such an accident to happen. This will never happen if you choose to hire someone else who has experience taking care of these matters responsibly without putting anyone at risk.

Compliance with local rules and regulations: When you work with a shredding company, you can rest assured that they will follow all the local laws and regulations. In addition, they are also compliant with shredding standards. They also provide a certificate of destruction that acts as legal proof that all your unwanted documents were disposed of safely.

Less time-consuming: Disposing of your documents at home could take a lot of time and effort. You would have to find the right-sized paper shredder, figure out which type you need depending on how sensitive your information is, and then actually dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Instead of doing all this work yourself, you can decide to hire someone else for the job.

Environmental Friendly: Working with a shredding company is also environmentally friendly. In addition to employing eco-friendly options for shredding paper, they also recycle the shredded paper, making it an excellent option for companies looking to control the amount of waste they produce.

Cons Of working with a shredding company:

More expensive than other options: It might be more costly if you are trying to get rid of old or outdated paperwork that may not even contain any vital information. For example, it does cost money every month to keep these papers around while they are taking up space in storage cabinets or drawers! If there isn’t anything valuable inside, then you might as well make some money off of it by selling to a shredding company.

May not be able to do this at home: Unfortunately, some items cannot be shredded at all, like CDs and DVDs. If your documents even contain one picture or document on these types of discs, they will automatically need to go into the hands of professionals since they can’t get rid of without an intact disc left behind. You would also want this type of sensitive information disposed of adequately to keep yourself safe from identity theft!

Not being able to have peace of mind: The biggest con about hiring a shredding company is that you will not be able to keep your own personal copy of the paperwork. You would always need someone else there watching over the process, which might take up more time than it’s worth if all you are trying to do is simply get rid of old documents with no sensitive information inside them.

What are some reasons why I should hire a shredding company? It makes disposing of paper much easier. It can also reduce potential dangers around your home. This could also help decrease liability issues for small children living in the house, especially when they aren’t responsible enough to use proper safety precautions! Also, this option allows businesses and companies who are trying to reduce their footprint on the environment by recycling shredded paper.

On the other hand, Working with a professional can be more expensive. You might not have any documents that contain sensitive information, but you would still want to dispose of them properly to keep yourself safe from identity theft! You won’t be able to do this if someone else has your paperwork, especially since they cannot give it back once all the work is done. Also, certain items like CDs and DVDs will need special care as well, which usually isn’t possible for those working outside of specific industries or fields.

In the end, it all comes down to which you prefer. Working with a shredding company is undoubtedly beneficial in more ways than one. But if you are concerned about the costs, it might be worth getting your shredder machine for the longer term.

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