Best Tech Adviser: Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are often more expensive than regular laptops. If you value portability, you may want to consider getting something small and light like a Macbook Air or Chromebook.

However, if all you need some extra performance on your laptop for drawing 3D models or crunching through data sets with MATLAB, then it won’t really matter what type of laptop you have as long as there is enough RAM for the software to run smoothly. Here are some things to consider when buying your next gaming laptop. you can visit Best Tech Adviser to know more about laptops buying guide.

RAM – Random Access Memory

When it comes to the price of a laptop, there is no relation between the model and how much it costs, but when you want a higher-end laptop with better features and more power, expect to pay a higher price. However, there is an exception for this rule: gaming laptops. Their prices are high regardless of which model you choose, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying one if your budget allows it because they have many advantages especially for gamers. In this article we will help you get prepared before shopping so you can buy what suits your needs best without wasting too much time or money.

Size and weight

The larger the screen size the bulkier the machine will be. And since they usually use GPUs that need a lot of space to keep cool, expect them to stick out from under your laptop’s display panel by a few inches.

Screen size

The display size is directly proportional to how big your laptop will be. There are laptops with the same specs but one is significantly thicker than the other because of its screen size, which means it has a smaller battery, less ports and more volume for heat dissipation. Larger screens also mean lower resolutions due to cost considerations by manufacturers so you may want to get something with high resolution if you enjoy sharp images.

Performance vs Portability

Decide what your priority is: performance or portability? If you’ll use this for gaming on long trips then go with a bigger laptop that’s portable yet powerful enough for your tasks. If you need something ultraportable and can’t afford a Chromebook, then you can get something small and light to compensate for its weak hardware.


Make sure it has the right ports that you need. Most include at least 1 HDMI port, a couple of USB 3.0 ports (with one always being a Type C) and possibly even an Ethernet port if there’s available space.

Battery life

Gaming laptops usually aren’t known to have good battery life so make sure it isn’t too bad before buying it or use this as a secondary consideration since most people won’t be very far from an outlet when they’re playing games anyway, but this will also depend on its size and weight as well as the hardware inside.

Display Quality

The display is where all your information goes so you’ll be looking at this for most of the time. You can look up its resolutions and compare them to other laptops if they have the same specs, but make sure it has good viewing angles so you won’t need to look at it straight on all the time.

-Durability – Most laptops these days are built with some degree of durability since they’re portable devices that go everywhere with you. However, gaming laptops are more likely to get dinged or dropped more often than regular ultraportables which is why it’s important to check how durable your laptop will be if things happen. Also see if it’s easy enough to replace parts yourself in case anything breaks down the road so you don’t have to send everything back for repairs.

Final Verdict

So, when you are buying a gaming laptop, look at your needs and decide what you want out of a laptop. If it is going to be something that stays home on your desk then you do not need something as large as if you were traveling. In addition, consider how much space you have for a computer inside the cabinet drawer or on the desk. There are laptops designed for personal use and those meant for gaming which can help with size consideration due to more powerful hardware requirements. Make sure to take note of the type of port it has available, this may seem like a no-brainer but trust me it’s an important factor when deciding which laptop to purchase. Finally, make sure your display quality is up to par with current standards so you don’t end up disappointed upon purchasing.

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