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Convert Your Files to PDF in Just 2 Minutes Using This Website

To make jobs easier, humans created tools. It should help you work faster and simpler. Tools are not only for manual labor. It is also available in software form. Students, teachers, office, and administrative workers benefit from these tools. Students and teachers deal with documents for some time. Office and administrative workers’ duties and responsibilities include creating and maintaining files. Files can be both in physical form or soft copy that you can access from your electronic device. 

Teams of software engineers and IT professionals create software tools to help manage electronic files. When doing administrative tasks, you deal mostly with different types of files. These files include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and images. PDF is the most professional file format to use. To create PDF files, you can create documents and convert them from Word to PDF. The tool that you can use online to do it is PDFBear. It will only take you 2 minutes.

Fast and Simple Conversion with PDFBear

The reason you use tools is you want to work faster and make complicated tasks simple. With PDFBear converting your files is quick and easy. This website provides detailed instructions to convert your files to PDF. The only thing you need to use on this online platform is a device with an internet browser and an internet connection. 

  • Open the PDFBear Website and click on the PDF Converter icon. 
  • To begin the conversion process, upload the file you want to convert. 
  • Choose your file by clicking on the Select file and choose from your device. 
  • You can also opt to use files that you have stored on online cloud storage. For more convenience, drag and drop your file in the blue conversion box. 
  • Wait while your files are uploaded. The server will automatically detect the type of file you wish to save as a PDF. 
  • In a minute, your files are already converted. 
  • Now your files are ready for download or share via email or through the file link.
  • The link provided by PDFBear will direct you to the file found on their server. 

For guest users, it will be available for only an hour.

Why Choose PDFBear?

There are other online PDF tools available in the market, but this website has many additional features. Other than being fast and straightforward, you can use the services for free. They prioritize the safety of your files. Working online entails risks from cyber-attacks. The server will delete your files after one hour. After converting your files, PDFBear saved a copy of your file in their server and deleted it afterward. 

Since it is an online tool, you don’t have to worry about the software’s system requirements. Compared to offline software that you have to install on your device, PDFBear works as long as you have a web browser and internet. Online software also saves you from using device memory and slowing down your computer if the installed software is not compatible. This PDF Converter supports numerous formats. From documents to different types of pictures. 

Besides converting to PDF, you can also convert PDF to other file formats depending on your needs. The process is most likely the same for changing the files to PDF. The PDFBEar team ensures that they maintain the quality of the files they convert. The file quality is automatically detected and saved. This website is not only a PDF converter tool. They also offer other services.

Additional PDFBear Tools that You Can Use for Free

  • Organize PDF. 

Organize your PDF files with three tools available on this website. One is you can merge multiple PDF files. It is easier to share and store one file than multiple ones that you can combine into one. Another is splitting a PDF file. You may divide a file and save each page as separate files. This website can also help you delete a page in your PDF file that you find unnecessary and add to the file’s size.

  • Optimize PDF. 

You can optimize a PDF file by compressing it. Compressing the file lowers its size for faster sharing and saving device memory for storing. In case you have a corrupted file, This website can help you restore the document.

  • PDF Security. 

These functions are handy when dealing with confidential documents. The Protect PDF tool helps you add a password to your file. Make sure to create a strong password. If you forgot your password or want to remove this protection, you can also unlock your file.

In Conclusion

PDF is available everywhere across the web. It is mainly used for its accessibility and being presentable. It offers the freedom to share the files without worrying that others don’t have the software to read them. At the same time, it protects the data from revisions. If you are dealing with PDF daily, it is best to have a PDF platform that you can use to manage the files. You can convert, organize, optimize, and secure your files with PDFBear.

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